Vintage through the photocopy

I wanted to have a photo - of course, I have the camera - so Mary got the self-timer on, placed it on top of the OHP, and had everybody settled before she did. Clockwise from bottom left: Cor, Joy, Jill, Dhi, Sudoy, Ariane, Sara, Kaymee, me, Lau and Malia. Obvously, despite every effort, Mary didn't make it.

I know, I haven't been posting photos lately even if I've been taking some for three days in a row. I've been quite busy this week, but I actually agree with what Ariane has said in one of her entries. School's been the same, actually. The only thing that's probably spiced it up, so to speak, is the booth manning schedule, with me seated in front of the desk at idle times, waiting for students to come by and actually ask us questions, or sign up for our supported organization wanna-bes. I've met a lot of people, actually, and despite me not being comfortable at times, especially when conversations switch to spoilers of The OC, it's been really nice. We've just finished cleaning up the booth one last time, and it's been a satisfying experience, especially when you consider all the masking tape, push pins, paper, and bottles of tea used throughout.

We haven't, though, finished up the academic calendars, despite Rainy's efforts to make the then makeshift sign solid by using an unused but required printout as a stand.

If anything else, though, it's been as steady as blah, although I've been partly overwhelmed at how many people have approached me, or greeted me for that matter. I was such a familiar face, apparently - the last person to go to the Get ORGanized booth already knew me by face as much as I knew her similarly. Ivy apparently loves music "so much" she was anxious whether she could actually sign in to AIM, which by then was perceived to be only for bands. (But of course, publicity and production people are much welcomed.) It's also a bit surprising to see so many frosh come in just to sign up - yesterday and today's been particularly fruitful from the new students of DLSU, nobody can help but be amazed.

I've met a few Communication Arts students from the Andrew Gonzales building, and as the three of them talked I couldn't just imagine that it could have ben us. To be clearer, I imagined myself in their place for a bit.

There's been some sense of nostalgia lately. It's like I've been looking forward to something that hasn't obviously been there - instead it's already passed us. I don't really know - perhaps it's the suddenly rediscovered enthusiasm for those organizations, because people have been active at the to-be-concluded Annual Recruitment Week. Or maybe it's Isah exchanging shouts with Malia, with the former talking about her surprise minor offense which she didn't particularly intend to do. Or, me seeing (as he wants to put it) "Jason doing his magic", talking to people he just met earlier like they've known for years. I'd like to think otherwise, though - so far he's introduced me to Issa, Cam and a handful more.

Oh, and that feeling. I don't really get it - it's a mix of enthusiam, intimidation and everything else, just like the first term. Exactly - it feels like the first term, only we're sophomores and we're seeing much younger people. It's meeting new people and doing your best to be close. It's greeting everything you've feared with cautious enthusiasm. It's finding new inspirations and quickly throwing them away.

The difference is that we're sophomores already, and we pretty much know what could happen. We've known the enemy, and we've done our homework (well, not exactly). I, personally, somehow know how to do things and then throw back whenever it needs some throwing back. Maybe I'll face the teachers solo. Maybe I'll put two fingers in my head and wait thirty minutes for a response (since Sars also lives in Cavite, travels basically the same distance, but gets picked up). Maybe I'll run around in circles waiting for something to happen.

Who knows? Maybe I won't know anything else after that.

So far, the sophomore story running for five weeks has been, well, fascinatingly normal, except for what's been happening in my life, or the way I blow them out of proportion. Movements have begun, and maybe I'll slowly let go of everything I'm used to, but somehow I'm just playing with it.

I'm staring at space recently - the stairs at the Miguel lobby, with me surrounded by sign-up sheets, academic calendars, and LA Core members - and I'm supposed to say something extraordinarily memorable. But I guess I've forgotten all about it - or maybe I'm back to the first stage, seemingly impossible, still happening, lost in space, and everything in between.

And your responses...

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