We've temporarily killed the suspense

I was talking with Jaja, Kim and Sara regarding that Economics exercise we had to submit. I spent one night, not exactly sleepless, on it - and thankfully, after a few last-minute tweaks and paying more money, we got through it. Oh, and we were dismissed early from that class because Sir Raymundo had to attend some meeting.

In the middle of the conversations, Sars came running. Our outfits matched!

Somehow I thought last night that she wouldn't wear something dark today. I, on the other hand, was reserving my dark shirts for the batch assembly pictorial coming next week. So I decided not to wear one of my blue shirts and, taking a cue from that lecture on color psychology yesterday - that one got a grade of 87% from me - I wore a green shirt.

And she wore green, even if I honestly thought she wouldn't - she just wore green a couple of days back, right? - but I guess her latest tag, pushing me to "contentrate harder", did it.

So she came up to me - imagine those prodigal scenes where two people who've long not met run to each other, preferably in some meadow with the sunset as a backdrop, arms stretched wide ready for a hug - and practically did that long description. Apparently we were looking for each other across the Miguel corridors, and she even said she was stretching her neck out to the other side looking for me. We hugged so tightly at Jaja's surprise; she didn't get it.

How would she get it? We pointed it out to her - only we can make a big deal out of color coordination.

So far nothing much's been happening - although application results are supposedly out today at the latest, I haven't seen anything posted and I'm too lazy to watch for anything posted. (I guess I gave the wrong deadline for applications to everybody in the block, because when I was retyping the Economics exercise, the guy beside me was trying to print out his own form by capturing the screen and transferring everything to Paint.) So far the issue's died down - or, to be more exact, I haven't heard much but the nerves are still around.

It wasn't much for poignance, even. Yesterday, after the LA Core meeting, I was with Anna (finally not a subordinate thanks to EJ's typing mistake, apparently) looking for her clearbook with the Chemistry lab journal and a lot more stuff. She was lucky her shifting papers weren't there, but we went back to the Conservatory and it was nowhere to be found. In between we were talking (in straight English, somehow) about Dance-a-Parable, travelling solo home and the perks of living in an air base.

Much more fittingly, I went into the bus, had a chat with Katia about Cars and The Lake House, and again forgot what else should be done.

Which leads me back to thinking of what shirt to wear, and consequently, running like stupid near the Miguel lobby with arms stretched, ready to hug Sars simply because we've communicated our outfits effectively again. Maybe there will come a time when I won't understand myself entirely because of what we've been doing, but so far I'm starting to enjoy every bit of it. Just like Jason introducing me to Cam while whipping up another mean (and objectionable) script involving me, her and Kat. Or, like me rereading old entries, spotting something in particular, and realizing that I actually have Nadia's number because I have to.

Right now Jason just passed by and is waiting for a plug.

Only catch is, I'm already finished writing this entry. I look back and realize Jason's wearing purple again.

They didn't match. We did.

And your responses...

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