Blushing throughout

Apparently we also get tired and want to talk more. Huey, Jaja and Yvette are visible from left.

If it seemed any fun, waking up at five in the morning, in my case, last happened during CWTS class, at a time when people weren't willing to leave at eight. Disregard the make-up class and destiny playing a bad game as I met with Joyce for lunch afterwards - hours before I was standing in front of Les' gate, pressing the doorbell, waiting for somebody to answer.

My morning was spent with the company of (some members of) the batch assembly, and weirdly, again, I'm the only LA Core member who passed by and watched shop. The garage sale was there to organize funds for our effective operations, and it seems nobody much knew about it than us. There were a couple other garage sales somewhere around Alabang Hills the day we did ours, and one sale (at one street corner I forgot about) had more maids buying. Definitely a more glamorous house - ours, though, was still fun as it is.

We started at around seven, and the gates were open shortly after - but not after Les, me, Sars and Nathan endured flipping channels and seeing some remix of The Day You Said Goodnight. Some didn't want things to be let go - that cuddly pink bear, that notebook, that piece of clothing that came out of nowhere (right Yvette?) - but then again we all had to put them together and sell them for much lower prices, which is the very point of a garage sale. Among the endless articles of clothing we attempted to sell - and a few trinkets here and there - there was also the occasional FHM back issue, the rare bedroom design element, and of course, for some reason, The Little Prince.

That didn't have to get me started, but since Sars already knows about the Kizia story (but she still has to read the archives, like what I've been telling Issa and Mon separately), it had to be tackled for once. And then we threw away the idea and decided to listen to Les' iPod play tracks from anybody - from The Ataris to Paris Hilton. Simple said, it's her fault why the words stars are blind are stuck in my head.

Well, most of our time was spent haggling with the maids who were there, listing profits and making sense of plastic bags and new items. I, on the other hand, having no experience with running a business, decided to play with the camera instead, acting as half-documentation officer (and Yvette thought I was really part of it). You could just imagine the twelve of us reading magazines, eating gummy somethings (forgot what Les called it), dancing (as was with Jaja and Huey), picking up centipedes to much of Les' disdain (as was with EJ), and taking photos (obviously my job - see the photos here).

Start imagining things now.

When i took this, Huey and Jaja were dancing to Les' house tracks. Too bad photos are that limited.

Okay, so this isn't really Lau's tummy. It already looks so disproportionate to what Lau actually has. Looks amusing, though. Looks like we have Metro magazine to thank.

Clockwise from left: Adrian's, Les', and Sars'. It isn't exactly Havaianas paradise, though.

I told you we loved the gummy somethings. Notice Jason's doesn't match.

I pretty much lost the initiative to upload more, so again I'll encourage you to check the photos out on Fifth Year Holler. I guess I'm fatigued by waking up early and going through a long day that meant getting through relative cell references, seeing too many people at McDonald's, and having to contend with not grabbing chips and instead enjoying company. (Which really happened. Trust me.) I left the area at around 09.30 still regretting not grabbing that chocolate bar, although I've had enough gummy somethings in my stomach to call breakfast.

And, obviously, I haven't got much a story to tell. Well, photos are better.

Just now, I've begun working with (another) photo of me and Sars - and since I pretty much got tired of my old status photo, I decided to change it to the new one. And then I realized that the angle could make it look like, well, something. Spooky, considering what's been happening since classes started - again, Les' camera angles and the way I smile terribly - and then I pointed that out to currently-online-from-Seoul Katia, who pretty much confirmed my weird little fears.

At least I've got new friends. I just confirmed who's coming where - and who I might be with, unless of course, destiny decides I don't get accomodated.

Yeah, I guess the mushy songs playing on that iPod and on my PC has affected me too much already. My mind's terribly blank, and...

And your responses...

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