Class suspensions due to calls of nature

Obviously classes are suspended, or else I wouldn't have written an entry about today and last night. I would've been spending my entire night making sense out of our (still suspended as of today) Economics long test, and as of last night it seemed there's no stopping it - until I decided to flip around AM stations and chanced upon the words I never expected to hear. "Classes suspended."

Two hours later I had alerted a few people and sent out a million text messages, all copies of that SC announcement I was silently bugging Nadia to confirm to me. Classes were indeed suspended, and that means the test's moved, online enrollment's been moved (or maybe not, since apparently some who can avail of advance enrollment have enrolled), and everything slated on a Monday's been put on hold. We're already lagging behind in lab class, so we don't need this, right?

Wait. Economics class has taken our weekends already, save for Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang last Saturday. I'm too lazy to upload photos on the blog right now, but they're up nevertheless. In a nutshell, though, it is a really crazy play, and I ended up bringing Ale, Steph, Sara, Huey and Jill with me on the trip home. Really fun stuff, although I still couldn't always relate.

So last night I was receiving a lot of text messages, with people expressing real happiness over class suspensions (because of the test or a need for vacations - but maybe not for Jaja, because the announcment came in two days too late, and Jason, because his video production ends up suspended as well) or, well, anything else. I ended up sleeping at one in the morning and still waking up early.

And then, I am stuck at home watching the SONA (and making a critique of it) and making nothing out of my idle time. Maybe listening to the radio and flipping the stations made my day - or, not quite, since tomorrow's Tuesday and we're going back to school.

And, as of now, I've forgotten everything I was supposed to write - again.

And your responses...

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