I had Google define condescending, some random word Sudoy uttered out last night. It wasn't helpful, so I had it define condescension instead. Apparently, the trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior.

Everybody on the conference yesterday tried to avert me getting offended over what Jason was saying, the reason why Sudoy propped the word. Despite my (apparently) wide English grasp, I haven't encountered the word previously with a back-up knowledge on at least what it's supposed to be about. They didn't have to panic, though - in the middle of Jason asking me to not ever try to be cool, I was keeping mine, because I knew I wasn't. Besides, why overreact about seven straight raised eyebrows on YM?

Intimidation? I'm still guessing.

Anyway, in the middle of that conversation Jason somehow decided to invite Derek, and then the story starts to become confusing. It's either Derek offered to treat everyone at Yellow Cab, since it's his birthday today, or he was asked by Jason and Sudoy for the same thing. Nevertheless the plan pushed through, and after the conference jumped to British bands and Nickelodeon shows - oh, I think Issa and I share an interest - I was at Yellow Cab this afternoon, failing to drag a few more people because the BonoSoc's gone somewhere important and the others are similarly missing. I ended up getting there with an expectation that Jason and Sudoy were already there, but they weren't - Derek arrived moments later and we expected it was just us, and possibly John, because he also knew about it.

And we were texting them, and they weren't coming, except for John, who arrived in the nick of time, before we decided to order pizza for two. He's turned nineteen - ambiguity rules are thrown out of the window - and he ordered four cheeses and tomato. With two slices left, I whispered to myself the possibility of people laughing at me.

Then Jason and Sudoy arrived. They brought along Sir Hecita, who somehow wanted to be called Jason, and a little us-initiated battle for one of the slices ensued, which Jason initially refused but later forced to. Huwag daw tanggihan ang grasya at baka ma-karma, as they put it, and I was laughing at how (I personally thought) they tried to make an excuse out of everything. I took the last slice, shared pistachio slash medicine ice cream with Derek, and split up to lead me here, again.

I know. I'm in an obviously concerted effort to download MP3s because the conference last night had me committing some things out of curiosity. Oh, and Sudoy? Take Your Mama Out was from the Scissor Sisters - and they're American, as long as I know.

I was in the middle of thinking of why people just take things for granted. I don't know - when Derek blurted out something like "they're coming not for my birthday anyway, but for the pizza" my mind went on overdrive. Today I was again staring ahead and realized a few things had blinkers on. The slightest distractions weren't welcome, but I still had time to realize that I had a few calculations wrong during Economics class (and I haven't finished the exercise due to the mistake), and today felt like me getting really sick. I woke up thirty minutes later today - maybe because I slept at midnight, or maybe not - but still, it doesn't feel right. I don't get it.

Something's utterly wrong recently, and yet I don't understand what's really gone wrong.

It's only been recently when I've been this uninspired.

And your responses...

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