Fairy tales are made of magical potions

Running to the bookstore wearing a long-sleeved polo isn't recommended, especially when the one person you're chasing is running late and has to get to a long exam. That's exactly the reason why you shouldn't wake up at 04.00 and sleep again an hour later.

Got it, Ariane?

It's another speech day today, and I was zoning out, taking advantage of Sir Camua not showing up again for class, to get prepared. Admittedly my slide show was rushed last night, and I was pretty unsure about what to say. I could even imagine me giving a really disjointed speech, and then I wouldn't make really good sense, especially when you imagine Tuesday's speeches to be really interesting. And, since I knew (from experience) that M315 would be emptied around fifteen minutes before that Economics class was supposed to be dismissed, I thought it'd be the best place to zone out and think of things to say. Oh, and of course, it was not breezing well at the Miguel lobby.

Leaving Cuyeg and Toni, who were discussing the (surprisingly easy) Religion 2 long test, I went into the room and found myself alone with Kizia. I hoenstly thought she'd be out by then, but after she asked me about where Jana is I realized I wouldn't spend my zoning out alone still - at least it was silent, and it was cool inside. Nevertheless I went out one more time to go to the fountain - and, as usual, complain a bit.

Sometimes I couldn't just scratch my head into thinking why things I don't expect to happen always happen.

I remember two days ago, when Cuyeg and Jason were somewhere at the third floor of the Miguel building, when Cuyeg called out Kizia who was fresh out of speech lab. Apparently she's just finished her sales speech - what she thought, I'd later know, as something Shrek-inspired - and she was wearing some fairy-inspired costume to boot, one fact I also just knew on that botched zone-out job. I came in seconds too late, and at the wrong place, to actually see her wearing that costume, and I (think I) knew she didn't want me too see her in that. Nevertheless, she was trying to sell her classmates something.

What was that again? Oh, the Happily Ever After magical potion, which makes you live "happily ever after with your true love" - then she quips, and I forgot what she exactly said. But of course, it stabs straight.

She was out minutes later, leaving me alone for the zone-out which would be interrupted again for laptop claiming. I was third today, and as I began setting up the equipment minutes earlier than expected - thanks to Sir Asuncion always dismissing them early, which reminds me of why Yvette called him the best teacher ever - and then, when things finally got settled many more minutes later, I began talking.

Somehow, I found a need to start everything off, spontaneously at that, with a story on my slide show. I was talking, finally getting into the real topic before Raplh signalled that I was reaching the time limit. And people were noisy, not paying attention even - until the last part, when I weirdly clenched my fists in the air and began concluding my piece. I sounded like a politician - my topic called for it, definitely - but it was only then when I realized people were listening.

It was a sincere look in that girl's eyes. I somehow definitely wanted to melt, but I had a speech to tend to.

I got back into my seat upon "president Henrik" chants and went to Airra. "I don't think I did well," I said, immediately refuting my "don't think that you can't" statement. Then I told her my weird observation that in the past two speeches - and this is a really spurious connection, mind you - Kizia always showed up. Coincidence? Sure, I'll take it, but I was saying in front of the class, before I introduced the next speaker, that I saw my "crush" again that day and thus had some sugar rush, as I explained to Katia.

Then again, that statement was really ambiguous.

I was at two RTRs today, for something the ACA cooked up during the past weeks. What we intended to do was to talk to the students and get to know their concerns. The first one was at around 11.00, and I wasn't on that list, but I still got into explaining bits with FAST 2004's Missy de Rivera. Fresh with the sugar rush, and obviously jittery, she was more calm than me despite her not wearing a white-collared shirt. At least I made it through partly solo, especially when Missy was talking to someone she might have thought to be a professor. An hour later I was up at the Andrew building - finally, for the first time! - and was trying my best to get into a sensible schedule. I was supposed to be with Sars and Les but instead went with Paola (who was also from the LA Core of FAST 2004) - and then settled to watching Les and Ken do their RTR at A1009.

And then, after waiting for the elevators for so long with Zay and Nadia, I arrived in class late and realized they got the quiz moved again.

Today might have seemed very, very stressing, but today I was powered with some sense of enthusiasm, as Katia put it (again). I remember walking out the room after the speech and I silently whispered to myself, "welcome back the inspiration" - was it something that finally flicked the switch back to the on position and gave me much more sense to work with? Although I haven't had the chance to celebrate because I was still stressed over arranging my schedule, studying for exams and other stuff, I knew that something was lifting me up. And no, it wasn't the pictures.

But, I told Katia earlier, it wasn't about the conversation before the speech. Or, it wasn't entirely about that. Maybe I was somehow given that magic potion, and although I'm still not happy with my true love as it promised itself to be, something worked itself out with the concepts of diffusion and being infectious.

While I was waiting for midday to strike, I went around the classrooms and saw someone at M314 talking in some royal costume. Later did I realize that it was her class - she did walk in there, minutes late. If time shifted a bit I would have seen her again.

Could this be the last time? I hope not.

And your responses...

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