For two days, apparently, it was her

I got emotional as well, and I don't know why. I was going through Nico's photos - actually old photos, dating back as far as our first term - and I was in the middle of reminiscing about how young we entered college - and how mature we already seem. Then I realize they've been uploaded months before he left the country - almost a year ago, to be exact.

Well, today's gone weirdly well, if not for the stuff that I belatedly realized have piled up on me - an article on the SONA, an article on Get ORGanized, many articles for that research we're up to, and most importantly, the other half of that Economics test. So far not everybody's finished their first half - as far as I know (I've been saying this since the suspensions), only me and Cuyeg got to submit our booklets, and even he was saying he didn't do much on the calculations. I remember Apple (a classmate since last term) actually wishing I don't get the highest grade, since apparently Sir Raymundo said, when the two of us finished were out, that he'd base the gardes on whoever gets the highest grades. And, as much as I felt relaxed in the middle of the test, I don't feel any confident. I suddenly realize I possibly did a lot of things wrong.

Before that, well, nothing much. It's just me getting reused to going back to school, after two days of suspensions (and actual uncertainty, since apparently some went to school yesterday and had classes regardless of the announcement) and fears of me going to school late because of the rain (which is weirdly gone, going against tradition of rain marking my brother's birthday) and the Baclaran devotees. Nothing much was different, except probably for the freshman election campsigns which we aren't supposed to feel (but we nevertheless did, partly thanks to Les) and some teachers being under the weather. Oh, and Jaja's hair looked different today. (I'm really, really sorry. That reminds me of the adminsitration!)

At lunch today we were talking about our schedules for the coming term, and apparently I'd have (most of) the BonoSoc again as classmates for my major subjects. I was pondering on the little made-up statistic before, that there's a 33% chance I'd be classmates with someone - nobody in particular, take note - in my major classes, and there I was, colliding beautifully with my blockmates. Take note, though, that it wouldn't hurt if I know my fellow majormates (if it's even a legal term) from the other blocks. I guess we'd be forced to coexist, anyway, so better be prepared than not.

Again I forgot everything I was supposed to say - except probably for the fact that two days without classes obviously meant me missing a lot of people, but not the work (although it's an inevitable fact) and especially not the lack of concern. (Okay, so I wanted to have a third item.) After me drawing those crazily cute illustrations I initially conjured during English 3 class, they were stuck in my head I somehow felt the need to expand on them. So, I drew them again, this time with the others at lunch, and Kim liked them so much I drew her something special. Talk about a rediscovered talent - like today, since it's become pretty much a process of rediscovery, of whatever you've missed out and whoever you've missed.

Oh, it's the lack of rain recently, and maybe that photo which almost made me announce something in public, like what I (somehow) announced earlier wasn't public enough.

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