If no one's gonna give me a title, then...

I was reading - actually, rereading - Kizia's blog and realized one line striked the most.

Too much drama is bad for the heart.

Mon and I agreed that today was kinda off, which is a weird thing considering it's a Friday. "Fridays are supposed to be fun," I even said. But today everybody seems affected by something, even I got affected and felt as depressed as the elephants in some magazine I've read in my childhood, especially in the afternoon. The aircon was so cold, and so was the day.

Maybe it was the fact that we were at school, for yesterday we all thought we wouldn't have to, but somehow we had classes. Last night some of my contacts were full of hatred on the progression of events, and nobody seemed to want to go to school - Filipino 2 class was half-empty. My heart was heavy for some particular reason, although I really liked school. I wanted to go (which reminds me of what Rainy had for a status message - something like I'll go to school for the allowance even if there's no school), so I didn't really wish for a school-out announcement for today. I even said somewhere that DLSU would intendedly defy the initial ruling - talk about my politicizing ability.

I'm fit to be a politician? Weird.

It could be the rain - it's dark all throughout the day, and it rained occasionally. Not a good sign, probably. Now that the SJ Walk is fully covered, walking doesn't help to release tensions.

And, if you know what I mean, everybody seems stressed. Even I am.

At least getting out for a bit before going home helps, even if all I saw from the window was the soccer field and the canteen. and trust me, it isn't exactly refreshing to see concrete.

I would have been a bit happy to say that I'll be off for the weekend, but the BA/LA teambuilding has been called off at the last minute, complaining of a small number of confirmed attendees. Well, at least everybody intends to move the whole thing to let everybody into it, although the partly ironic thing is, I fought to have our Subic field trip (for Earth Sciences class) moved because it would clash with the teambuilding. Go talk about commitment.

If a few things made me laugh today, it's me and Sars matching outfits again - back to day one, back to black and orange - and Sir Raymundo threatening to breakdance after a mobile rang in the middle of the class. Aside from that, we're all under the weather, and I need somebody to hold.

Or at least that's how the song went.

And your responses...

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