In between chocolate milkshakes

Something's terribly wrong, and even I don't know what it's all about.

For all I know, though, it's not about who's with my company, or whether Miss Averion's classes are losing slots (which means I would have to follow Rainy's advice around how to deal with Miss Diaz), or whether I haven't studied much for Economics class, or me getting dizzy before the Batch Assembly meeting. It feels nauseating, though. For some reason not everybody seems to care.

I did bring a camera, but I wasn't motivated enough to do things with it, although I did take funny photos.

I did let my guard down today - and thanks to a few warnings at least I know I wouldn't do much to hurt myself all over again.

I really don't know. It's tomorrow's anxiousness, isn't it?

I don't feel like writing a long entry - well, actually, I have something to write but I don't feel like elaborating on it much. Maybe it's because the thoughts don't just come together, or I realized I never did much really to make Thursday any worthwhile. It was me sitting around doing nothing. It was probably me talking a little bit more heart-to-heart with Sars - you could blame that, but then again I was reading up before the meeting and I wasn't affected much. It's probably enrollment, and how I would end up fighting with blockmates, schedules and those LIA-COM students that took away our chances at sanity. (But I wouldn't blame them either.) It's probably me losing sleep again.

Oh - I told myself earlier today, while I was going home, that I may be afraid still to fall in love, but a little less afraid to admit things.

Then again, back to the conversation - it's not supposed to matter, but it was another timely reminder of the things that makes Niko Batallones distinctly Niko Batallones despite the many name similarities. "Ikaw naman pala ang may kasalanan, eh!" Sars blurted our earlier, hours before she went all serious and I went golly, we're indeed in a meeting.

Oh, I wish it was all over, but circumstances sometimes mean it isn't going to be any easier.

And your responses...

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