Maybe I'm just surprised why

"I'll be in Seoul for my job training starting Monday."

In those times when one of those people you've surprisingly trusted leaves, you're left with, well, one pillar less to hang on to. That couldn't be any solicited response because, well, it's not supposed to be such a reaction. To be quite honest, I was saddened when Katia texted me saying she's leaving the country for nine weeks. Then, most definitely, it's going to be scattered visits, scattered chats.

Why do I feel so sad about it?

Our society is slowly growing to be an individualistic one. I mean, we're getting to the point when people just don't care, especially when they don't really know each other. If you've been keeping track, though, I think she's one of those people that was willing to listen despite being in an entirely different position - that of the one who'd never, in a million years, cross paths with me, and yet she's told me things that pretty much perked me up in the middle of those nights spent cramming and losing sleep.

Why do I feel so sad about it?

Or maybe I don't really feel so sad. You know, maybe I just got my heavy eyes confused with feelings of sadness, of anxiousness. Then again, I think I still need to have that thing sink in. Even for her, everything went so quick.

Then again, maybe I have a reason why I feel so sad.

September isn't that far away. There's always a tendency for time to fly by, especially with all the things we're supposed to be doing, or we're to do some time soon. By then Ale's grown a year older. Probably Jackie's done her debut. By then I'd have grown pimples, and probably more people would mistake Ariane's eyebags for make-up.

Then again, nine weeks is a pretty short time for me to maybe hang on to those thoughts that might pop up within that time. If your employers give you email access from there, maybe I'd send you the blog entries and we'd play catch-up.

We'd definitely play catch-up.

It would be out of place if I say I'll miss you, but I also wonder why I've turned serious so suddenly.

And your responses...

Good news for you: we have a computer with internet access in every room.

Bad news(?): It's an intensive training and I heard we'd be given at least ten textbooks for that. I pray I'd have time for chats.

But I'd definitely try.

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