On-campus idiosyncracies

"Nakatitig lang siya," I whispered while staring closely at her eyes. "Nakatitig lang siya."

"Okey lang yan," Marcia replied.

I was then surprised. I was with her at Cybernook during out break, and there were four other blockmates either using the computers or waiting for their slots. Kevin was there, trying to find a way to reactivate his Xanga blog (and thus get linked again on my blog), and then there were Kizia, Jana and Clarence getting in between papers and YouTube. So of course I was surprised with Marcia's reaction, because again - and I couldn't blame them - they thought I was referring to Kizia again. Fact was, though, she was intently watching some video, and my back was not exactly turned at her.

"Ikaw tinitignan ko," I told Marcia. She was reading some Friendster profile on one of those monitors that don't look good even if you increase the brightness setting. She had to squint her eyes, of course, and I was somehow intently looking at it. Boredom, admittedly. I've been feeling that way recently.

We ended up chuckling shortly.

It's been recently when Sir Raymundo's been telling us funny anecdotes in between economic theories. There was one time when he talked about currency depreciation when the topic went to his crush back in pre-school, when he bought her snacks but ended up eating them himself. (Then he wonders where the girl has been. I think her name's Isabel. I wonder how many wounds she's got in her tongue now that I've remembered her.) Today we were talking about public transportation, and he went out of the way to talk about the time when he ended up acting like Superman, forcing open the doors of one LRT train because it's malfunctioning. He apparently ended up making a scene because you can't force the door open, and the security guard's been calling his attention until he got in the train. And we were laughing.

I remembered our observations about him one day after class - Sara somehow mentioned that she's got a crush on him, for some reason. He was gone but we've been remembering the way he moves his arms while discussing, and the way he remembered our names and faces - just today I didn't hear him call out my name (in the way he's done it - "Batallones... Malicsi..." and so on), as well as Cuyeg's name. Apparently, though, he could be remembered for not taking down notes, when we silently went "strike one..." at his occasional sleepiness.

Too bad I haven't seen him bungle a line today in his Literature 1 class, since his group (which also includes Jaja, Malia, Kaymee and Agnes, to my memory's extent) did their themed poetry recital, complete with a snazzy submission, printed on photo paper, including that photo of Jaja and Churee. (Their theme had something to do with the kids, which led to some dramatic touches, probably, but still, bungled lines aren't a cause for comedy.)

So that's been pretty much my day today, and their day as well. I know, it's really descriptive, and I'm not the one with a reputation for such things, but if all of this happened in the middle of an upset stomach, then I'd be surprised I got through it. Coming up next: space for a giant euphemism.

Get some sleep, everyone. I know, Ariane's slept at heaven knows what time this morning. I slept hours earlier but still feel sleepy. And despite me just looking ahead expecting people to show up - indeed, they have, but I haven't - I'm still waiting for the time when I can finally take some rest and be happy. Or, maybe, discharge without guilt.

At least I can say to myself that their every usual reason is wrong.

And your responses...

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