Open letters

I hate destiny. Firefox - it's Firefox, take note - hanged up on me just as I was to finish my latest entry. Now I don't want to talk about everything I was to write because they're off my head in the first place.

I'll be honest. I don't remember them all.

I do remember, though, that before the application hanged up I was in the middle of typing Meg's name, along with something about past conversations applying to her before applying to me. Oh, I also remember mentioning Cuyeg's name before that. (I think I need some assistance or the Rememberall, if I spelled it right.)

I think I also wrote that Sister Pinky has been showing up lately, and she's been giving me a nudge in the back whenever I'm slumped along the corridors, (weirdly but true) anxiously waiting to see whether Sars and I wear the same colors again. Oh, and also, that fact that we didn't when we saw each other along SJ Walk, and not after exchanging hugs, which has been pretty customary.

Oh, and the fact that Meg and I almost hugged, but not without the distance coming with it.

Oh, and Toni getting confused over Economics calculations - and an exam next week, with concepts and calculations, and the necessary warnings.

If along all this I am aware that I'm actually trying to forget something, then you're in luck - only a few would ever figure it out. Again, I'm at the risk of - what did Ariane call that? - sourgraping. Oh, and wondering whether I'm really all over the place.

As I said, I could go on and blame the stupid door for blocking my way and not pushing me through.

But I'm supposed to be finishing this, right?

I also remember prmising myself not to start July with something that sounds the same, despite sounding thought-provoking enough to actually increase readership.

And your responses...

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