The pearl necklace placebo

Her green index cards found a way to fly to me. I struggled to pick them up, and when I did, I gave it to her. I diverted my attention back to the speaker, partly because somehow that song's been playing on my head again, and also to the laptop which has been beeping the entire morning, until it decided to die and rise from the dead. And then I heard a ripping sound.

She's ripped apart her index cards. So much for the effort.

Why aren't there damsels in eustress?

I don't understand anything right now. I was stuck at the Vito Cruz intersection earlier, gritting my teeth for I was late for a midterm test, and the bus couldn't go through, thanks to three stop lights and bad drivers. The bus driver got impatient and went ahead with the fourth red light, and when I went down policemen were already escorting the bus to the CSB front door. I should've told Mae to get down the bus, for it was ten minutes past the bell and she might be stuck for a long time.

I haven't seen her since then.

I got into G404 just in time - Sir Camua, late again, and I got in when the line was being formed for floppy collection. Mary was there to tell me I wasn't late, although it doesn't matter because I'm a dean's lister anyway, for one of the last terms that I will, probably. Ian texted me while I was in the bus, blaming the FX taxis for delaying his arrival again, and after his floppy disk got passed around by those who unintendedly deleted the values for years of service - me included - he arrived. I didn't know. I thought he was hopeless until he showed up much later.

Funnier, I finished the midterms twenty minutes before the next bell. So much for gritting my teeth in the bus.

It's a Tuesday - and a busy one at that. After chilling a bit at the Miguel lobby, observing everything from Mon's inclusion in the majors list to Sars' partly-new hairdo to Clarence not showing up for her Dashboard Confessional CD, and after the bits about the beeping laptop and the index cards, and that song playing on my head again - I'll drop you name if I get the spelling right, or if I have the guts - I felt sleepy. The speeches today were good, not to mention me coughing up another chalked-up result, but it seems sleeping at one in the morning wasn't helping. Last night (and this morning) all I worked on was the transcript, which is finally finished, partly because I went to Sean's house without anybody else knowing, and adding subtitles while the already sleep-deprived subtitler sleeps. (That sentence was not structurally correct.) I was perked up by the pimple thing one speaker dropped during her placebo persuasive speech, and I found myself noticing the many flawless people.

The stress speech came somewhere. Welcome to our world, when you take the majors.

I was talking to the OCM majors earlier, and we're all bound to lose either sleep or social life. And the grades aren't encouraging. Who wants a 0.9?

Goodbye to the dean's list. Or, we'll try harder.

After finishing that darned Earth Sciences report, which meant I almost stole the show again, and MC earlier actually implying that I have a crush on Sars after I made some ambiguous mention of our color-coordination sojourns - it wasn't happening again, and her hair looked better before? - I was off to a bus with a different destination. Back to childhood memories.

Back to random thoughts which wouldn't spark your imaginations anymore.

It's hard to get used to not being depressed. I mean, after you've seen the pair too many times, you get used to it, obviously. And yet you feel distant with everybody else, which means we're all going to get confused in the long run.

Somebody please wake me up. I badly need something. I couldn't get my thoughts straight.

Even I still find myself grabbing a few hands and squeezing them tightly. Maybe I am still lonely.

And your responses...

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