Scratch kitty

But of course, everybody now knows what just happened last night. Thanks to Ariane's unsuspecting tip, I alerted an unsuspecting online population and had ten people talk to me, all at the same time, about the majors application - and, of course, I'd not want to write it all over again, but instead I'll link you again to Shale. But definitely it wasn't the entirety of my day, although it took over most of it, thanks to nerves and the meeting.

I was surprised to read that I was first in last term's dean's list - I mean, I did expect to be back, but not with that big a vengeance from dropping out due to Algebra class. Ariane closely followed me with 3.7 flat. I was getting further jittery at G404, since I was by then already writing that entry on the accepted list (and, of course, the waiting list). I was getting to Ian and Kevin (and, to some extent, Korinne) as we waited for fifteen minutes, again, for Sir Camua to come in. Also I was shaking hands with Cam, and was (obviously) grinning profusely at Piyar, with single realizations shocking me singlehandedly.

So English 3 somehow bored me. My thoughts were still at how we would deal with the meeting, all fifteen (or sixteen) of us, as well as with comforting Huey. At the break I was at lunch with the BonoSoc - already a usual scene, actually, if not solo - and was tuning in to Malia's iPod nano, while the owner went "scratch kitty!" to Jill. In between I was, well, half-jittery and half-bored, since somehow time flew so slow.

Then the meeting. I think all I did while waiting was walk around, maybe stare at the door while waiting for my turn (well, I obliged when Kizia requested to come in next) and bathing in all the speculation. I think afterwards I waited some more while everything slipped my mind. I wasn't any distracted, though, despite the three conversations - quite a record, actually - and the few pick-ups in the middle of lunch. It was Kim's turn to ask me something, then.

I think, last night, me and Clarence half-vowed to stop talking about things. Then again, I asked her something else.

"Sa kanila na lang ba tayo nakaasa?"

So far, I have to make things work, not be complacent like I (almost) mentioned during speech class, and make sure I forget a few images stamped in my head. Not that it isn't helping, but it isn't always doing any good.

I just realized I'm running out of things to say again.

And your responses...

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