So much for brain drain

I can't believe the apparent grainyness of Malia's camera tricked me into believing Cor was actually Lau. So I stand corrected - it is Cor on the photo in that funny pose. Still doesn't look like it, though - except under closer scrutiny, of course.

Before getting into the bus, I was contemplating about another one of those departure-themed entries, thanks to yesterday (and Saturday for some). Before I got all smushed-up today due to a mix-up in Filipino 2 class, there was a lot of mention of the demand for Filipino teachers in Calfornia after Arnold Schwarzenegger had Filipino as a choice for second language classes, apparently. So, the term "brain drain", thrown around Economics class during my high school days, came back to memory. As Miss Ayie put it, "brain drain, brain drain, brain drain?"

It's usually portrayed as something negative - we lose people, we lose resources, we lose money in the long run - but apparently it does wonders as well. Think about this.

After I wrote this entry, Ale texted me suggesting that I edit the entry because, apparently, I was becoming too obvious. It was Cor who told her that, and I ended up getting (initially) confused as to what she said, and then I had to ask for Cor's number, and she clarified me. There's no need to edit anything, apparently, but "wag kang magbanggit sa blog mo na pinag-uusapan natin si Nico." When I mentioned that Ale wanted to borrow my camera for the occasion, I apparently let something out of the bag. But in the first place, I'm very much clueless about it.

So, we spent a few pesos that helped the economy a bit. If only the government places taxes, then we would've paid off our debt - or got deeper into it.

Then comes the BonoSoc swinging into duty. I somehow figured out (apparently wrongly, I guess) that they're planning to give him a pair of shoes. I don't know where I heard that, but I do know they're doing some spending, as a birthday slash farewell gift to him. (Farewell gift doesn't sound right.) So, the money goes somewhere else. Increaed spending, increased demand, increased profits. You see where I'm going?

Also, they've also spent money on transportation, on utilities (especially with the Jino-backed presentation, with photos they're taken from people's Multiply site, probably including mine - oh, and we charge our cameras with electricity), and on food.

Oh, and don't forget the remittances, or as we call it in economics, the net factor income from abroad.

There's also this creative thing to it, especially when you're forced to create euphemisms about this (actually) pressing issue. Or, in Saturday's case, their seemingly "valid" excuse (according to Nico) of the BonoSoc members leaving one by one, apparently up to something - to his house, where donuts invade the house.

Oh, and the dance steps, as Ale recounts, when the girls lose to the boys after Jason (apparently, again another anecdote I wouldn't confirm) started to breakdance. They probably had to either think on the fly or dig up the archives, right?

Okay. So I didn't do anything. Of course, I wasn't there. My only contribution was not talking.

At least brain drain could do something good, right?

I was reading Ale's blog and cannot help but feel what she feels, at least partly. While I was on vacation in Clark we ended up talking about him, and I put it in fault that I mentioned his departure. She, somehow described as an aimless girl who could (if I still got it right) get hit when she crosses EDSA - I'm sorry if I'm misquoting Nico here - she must feel really bad. Oh, I must've made her cry right now.

But she said it right - as much as I don't notice it, "lahat kami napamahal na".

And your responses...

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