Supposedly studying on a Saturday night

Nico's probably been flying for twelve hours now, and he'll probably land at around six more. I honestly wonder how it feels to be in that airplane, leaving everything behind, starting again. And as I struggle with finding people to interview - literally, thanks to not having much public school teachers to work with, much more public college teachers - I end up, well, blogging.

And, most importantly, cramming, although it's just Saturday.

Yes, I'm a terrible crammer. Cramming at the wrong time, each and every time.

At this point I couldn't choose topics well. Maybe two days off (or, one-and-a-half days off) has made me complacent enough to sit back and relax, especially on that persuasive speech of mine, since the people slated to speak on Thursday have to move dates a class ahead. If not then I'm in terriblt danger. To be serious I was supposed to work on the presentation last Wednesday because I was anticipating (as well) the now-pretty-inexistent teambuilding that was supposedly on this weekend. Now that my presentation happens on Thursday I should work on my slide show, but I haven't even read my outline nor my sources. At least I have the faintest idea on how to attack my topic.

Oh yes, I'm a really terrible crammer. I can't follow my own whims, even.

There was this fifteen-year-old who got published on today's Youngblood section (on the Inquirer, no less), who went on to talk about why nerds aren't popular and why they're not in a rush to do so. "Nerds aren't losers," Daria Anne Mendoza goes towards the end of her piece. "They're just playing a different game, a game that is much closer to the one played in the real world."

Back in my childhood there was this amazement with my father's in-out tray, and didn't know why he wouldn't let me fiddle with what's in there. Good thing he did so, for now I realize that if I mucked with it I would have caused huge inefficiencies in the country's already inefficient economy. In my case, though, I couldn't make sense yet with my own in-out tray. I don't get things done, but miraculously, I somehow do.

I was reading that essay and realized that, for the longest time, I haven't been thinking of any ideas for what I long wanted to submit. (See, if I couldn't get into The Lasallian then getting into the Inquirer is a larger coup, right? Pretty simple, evil logic.)

So what now - I'm losing my nerdness, or I was never a nerd at all?

I'm still cramming, and I should have both submitted my surveu results and started working on my presentation, because the way things are going I would be swamped. Now I understand, pretty much, why Clarence is always up doing those GMG minutes every time I see her online. At least she's got her traces of dedication.

Mine's stuck in California, in that dream I had when I was sleeping due to exhaustion of the wrong kind.

And your responses...

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