Surprisingly saved by decadence

After all the harm has been done, all the money has been spent and all the expletives I could possibly use have been used, I was breathing deeply while laughing in between. Of course, it wasn't just me who was terribly affected by the two-hour My.Lasalle server crash (or three, for I was going home in the middle of it). I was reading three blogs - Ariane's, Clarence's and Kizia's - and all that they were saying was this: the process sucks. And, as much as it is more convenient compared with others who have to run to offices, fall in line and sweat it out, we instead settle for the comfort of our own homes, or the Internet café, and simply enter our details. On the side, we know about how much we have to pay faster than probably anybody else.

That naturally means everybody wants first - and everybody wants good slots - and everybody got a server that cannot accept further requests. And I remember telling Jenn, who was waiting with me somewhere else for the clock to hit three, something like two terms' worth of refunds. And, of course, quadruple the current capacity of the servers. I was walking home and was only thinking of upgrades.

Well, at least I got the same slots I (somehow) reserved before the downtime began at fifteen past two. After the (still hard but pretty easy) Economics test, I had six seats reserved at the farther Netopia branch and started to wait for 14.00 to strike. I got almost all the slots I wanted, except for Broadcasting class on Wednesday which was on-demand since yesterday - I ended up getting the same class on a Friday, which means I only have one class on Wednesdays, plus U-Break and possibly a few SC meetings scattered. Speaking of which, I'll really go home later than expected.

Oh, and I got one of the remaining four slots for Miss Averion's research class, which was a surprise despite me not getting in minutes after the BBC pips sounded in the middle of the song Chris Moyles was playing. I pretty much busted John's chances (without me knowing, for I thought he had it first, being closer to the Gokongwei servers than I am) and forced him to take photography classes, as you may have seen. However, I got the wrong career class section and could still change it since there's still practically a week of enrollment for those who don't have priority privileges. (Okay. Don't rub it in.) Although, as I kept on mentioning to myself before, there is a 33% chance I could be classmates with anybody and everybody in my major subjects - could be Piyar, could be Sars, could even be Kizia. Oh, what the heck - Nico was right.

As I issue myself another drift alert, I should remind myself of getting some sleep. Tomorrow's a long, early day - I'll be off to Les' place for the batch assembly garage sale, and then I'm off for Computer make-up classes, thanks to Sir Camua actually getting left behind by his plane when he was supposed to return. Maybe we'd start doing our survey for Filipino 2 class, which already sounds complicated as I involve myself in another conference. (And Joyce wants us to change topic again, like we could afford to do so since presentation is a week away.) After I drowned myself in hearing those AFAP scholars debate in Filipino - not their native tongue, technically - and drown further in elasticity explanations, I guess I deserve the weekend.

But, then again, they'll go poof the moment we begin commemorating five years of crashing airplanes and crumbling towers. As I read the newspaper today, I realize it's pretty normal for people like me to sleep five hours and get a power nap with a pillow in their necks (and, as Chris Taylor could put it, "a milk bottle in my hand and a song in my heart"), and what we're going to go through is pretty much training for stress and hate tolerance.

Then again, we could start by asking the ITC for an increased server capacity, for I guess server crashes during cross-enrollment are more common compared to what happened today. Or we'd be waiting for two to strike and wait endlessly, and spend more money, and maybe wait for inspiration to come by. I know I missed mine.

Oh yes, I've waited for too long today.

And your responses...

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