Why sleeping early isn't always good

For once I had the chance to sleep at around nine last night, and of course it felt much better because it was raining - and thus the cooler weather - as well as the fact that classes would finally push through the next day. Hours before, though, I was online and a few asked me whether there would be classes. My answer? "As far as I know, yes."

I woke up by myself, feeling my mobile vibrate - I left it on and put it in silent mode - and realized that eight messages were waiting for me. A few were asking me for confirmation that classes were indeed suspended. A couple, though - one from Sars coursed through Ale, the other from Nadia - announced it belatedly, again. Classes are suspended - for one more day.

Of course I wasn't happy. I might have been the last to know - and so could have been a few others, since Nadia sent the message at midnight, three hours into my (for once) deep sleep. I wasn't hysterical, but I was partly worried. What'd happen next?

Right now I haven't refreshed my memory on that Economics examination that's hopefully due tomorrow, but all that studying almsot made me memorize the formulas for the mathematical questions. Cable's out, which means we're stuck with three-hour rotations on radio (and a lie detector test on Mo Twister's show). And it's still raining hard, which could possibly push everything forward by another day - which I don't like, since it means I would have to contend with every other prioritized CLA student for enrollment if it is moved to Monday. Not to mention having to study more demand and supply equations. It's as if I didn't study.

Not everybody's meeting this with frustration, though (although Jaja still comes to mind). I know a lot who wants classes suspended for another day - Cuyeg, for one, wished so hard for it, the moment I got his reply it rained harder. I got the enrollment schedules and sent it to everybody else, absentmindedly forgetting the fact that Martin and Nico would also get those messages - that Martin reminder only after I checked Kizia's blog (again), and that Nico reminder, well, from somewhere else.

Which means, as with every other class-less day, nothing much happened. Aside from actually taking down notes on yesterday's SONA, and Ranice asking me about that photo with Jason (which meant me chatting with her, and Jason actually doubting my intentions), it's been pretty boring, if not stagnant. And, again, my thoughts are starting to stall after enough distractions.

After everything else, it's become a natural tendency for me to miss people. Imagine not seeing Cuyeg for two days straight when you're used to seeing him every day! (No, seriously, but that doesn't mean it's only Cuyeg I missed. What'd you think?)

Oh well. I guess we couldn't do anything about it, like the weather starting to get as fickle as a man's mind. I only wish they would announce it earlier - the official announcement from the school clocked at nine minutes before Tuesday, actually. Not everybody from La Salle is either an insomniac, pretending to be one, or forced to be one.

But, as Ariane pointed out, it's good to have too much sleep once in a while.

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