Wishing for luck when the planes fly

At around 11.20 today classes were suspended. It couldn't have gone at a worse time, with me having already gritted my teeth for a second day in a row, decided to walk a longer distance with five minutes remaining before the bell, and get into the classroom late expecting a few questions for Religion 2 class. The next thing I knew Sir Puno had practically called off the class, since he was feeling under the weather as well, and the entire campus was running on generators for the entire first period.

I then spent an extra hour at the LSSC booth with Nadia and Mae. Now it was an extra hour because the shift I was assigned to was supposed to be anytime about now, but thanks (or no thanks) to the suspension I never got to do it. The hour was scattered with coffee cups, the two girls singing along, and me singing to Joss Stone on Malia's iPod nano. And then there was Yvette borrowing my Economics book again, with that ending up getting pretty wet thanks to the fast raindrops. I was uncomfortable sitting on what used to be a water pipe - the booth had to be sheltered - but it had to happen somehow.

During then Mae was asking me about what I was doing at the Tas Trans terminal yesterday, and then began another explanation as to how I get to school and get back home. Oh, and us telling Yvette the benefits of living in the south - yes, Tas Trans against the trains. And then we were up the stairs, and the speculation began. Later, the text messages. Further in, the confirmation.

Then we're back to 11.20, or maybe twenty minutes later. Nico was already there, having showed up at the booth with Cuyeg earlier. By then he was giving either a hug for the BonoSoc girls (and, much later, to my surprise, Anna), a handshake for the BonoSoc boys (and me, of course), or a jacket for Jason. Lingering for a few minutes, and eliciting surprise from his other friends about his still being here. (He also had to explain that he leaves on Saturday.) After a lot of people crowding gates, and a lot more belated celebrations and early goodbyes, we were off to Pizza Hut.

Simply said, it was lunch, and Jaja whipping out a camera.

Oh, and Malia seeing Emogirl. And me seeing Emogirl as well. Now I understand why Malia could end up melting in the seat at Pizza Hut.

Oh, and Tian was there, after (I think) Nico had Kim get him to pass by. So everybody was saying hi, and I was saying hi, but the introductions came much later.

The next thing I know, they're leaving for some cinema to watch the Pirates of the Carribean sequel - jokingly called as Primates earlier - and I'm blogging again because I didn't take the invitation, despite Nico bugging me so much.

Then, suddenly, I'm partly guilty about refusing the invitation. Or, maybe it's because right now I forgot practically everything that I should've written. Lucky are the few people who haven't had the chance to go to class today - Ale, for one, or maybe some of the party animals. Then again, not everybody seems to be happy about it.

And your responses...

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