And no, this isn't what you think it is

Okay, fine. She's a model. Or she could be. She even retouches her photos. I realized it too late but, what the heck?

And no, I haven't got a crush on Ranice.

Of course, if it's me on the photo I'd look bad. I never strike a pose well. I never even smile wonderfully. Just look at my pearly whites, if they'd ever show up! But then again, it seems Ranice is one of those people that I'm pretty surprised I've become friends with.

Like Issa before, she was just a tagger at Jason's blog. She wasn't any ordinary tagger, though - if Jason was successful at making people all too curious, it's him announcing outright that she's his "girlfriend". After reading enough exaltations - of course, it's enough to make me curious! - I finally saw her, and I haven't much to say. It was the lack of initial observations to base on - so far it was just her, Jason, Cor, a corridor, and a photo - and the fact that she is on Nico's links page. After contacting her about that photo, there it went.

So why compose around ten paragraphs on someone I barely even know?

I don't know. Seriously, I don't.

Sometimes, though, it only takes a week for someone to realize he's got someone else to hang on to. I mean, after a few entries on my blog and a lot of contact, I guess stuff happens. I've never had any immediate apprehension towards Ranice at all - surprising, since Nico got that initial I-don't-think-we'll-be-okay feeling - but nevertheless it feels nice to have another one of those people who you know will appreciate you. So what if she has some modelling tendencies? (She might be. Better yet, she obviously seems to be.) Maybe it's already happening, me not getting too intimidated with outward appearances. So weird I'm just realizing this now.

There have been many times during the past two weeks when I felt I've been spraying too much perfume on myself against Ranice. Or maybe it's just my concerned tendencies coming out, and evil coincidences take over much quickly than expected. I don't know really - I'm coming out here totally overwhelmed of how things can catch me in the most unexpected places.

See? I've become too lazy to write about Friday.

So maybe I've spoken too soon - there's always a realization in the end, that after I click on the upload button, much more things would happen. Ehrm, of course, it's a budding friendship.

"Pwedeng mag-pic pa tayo sa Tuesday?"

I don't get it. Every time I have a photo with someone I look so terrible. At least she also said she looked ''wasted'' on this one as well.

See, I look terrible in my photos, even if I try my best to smile well.

"What's important is that may [picture] tayong [two]."

Before Ranice takes over the unofficial title of corridor distraction - in all positive means, and not in the way I used the term distraction before - I'd better shut up. But I've somehow wanted to say this line to Jason, not because of intimidation, but because I felt like it on my way to posting this entry.

Jason, you may be her boyfriend, but when you two split up she'll come running to me. But of course, not to intimidate you or anything, but we might as well talk.

And no, this isn't what you think it is. But what do you have to say about that?

And your responses...

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