Are you willing to let it all go?

"How do you know if something is still worth it?"

Someone dropped the question and, as usual, it got me thinking. On a day where everybody seemed to wear black - a tribute to the rain, or to impending destiny - it seemed that everybody was willing to let their guard down and be as gloomy as the dark skies outside. The news seemed bleak already, and the news some would later receive was much more, for it was closer to home, closer to their interests - closer to their survival.

Everyone's got to face that decision sometimes, I guess. I don't know - there would always be a time when we are forced to reassess. And, of course, it is uncomfortable, And, of course, desparate at times. Even I am not used to walking around aimlessly thinking whether what I'm doing is worth the trouble at all.

So how do we know, really? When we're regretting every action? When we're in the middle of celebration? Always, always, there's this guilt following us around. I myself don't understand why I have to, say, walk around thinking about things that are impossible in the first place. People have said that dreams are free - and, consequently, dreaming is effortless but time-consuming and psyche-torturing - but then again, we'll never know. It's like something that's up there - you'll never see it, even just a glimpse of the entire picture, until you're through it. Only until you're done.

Then again, we'll all have to base it on what we're getting right now. It's when you have to let your guard down - quite literally - and rely on your hunches. We've been there at some point, and you could just contort it, I guess. We'll never have the privilege of knowing what everything is. Nothing's sure, nothing's definite - and nothing's gonna stay in any way we wish it to be. We'll never, ever know.

So how do you know if something is still worth it?

When you realize there's still hope in what you're fighting for?

When you realize that it's still worth a lot to you?

When you are willing to give everything up for that certain thing?

Are you willing to let it all go?

And your responses...

You can't shout at the rain and order it to stop, it stops on it's own and when it does, there goes the sunshine. Time. All you need is time.

Anonymous Anonymous8/15/2006     

E panu kung wala nang time?...

Anonymous Anonymous8/15/2006     

No time? I dont think so. On the contrary - there's no need to question whether he/she is worthy or not cause the moment you fell in love with someone, it only proves how worthy he/she is to be loved by Y-O-U.

Anonymous Anonymous8/15/2006     

damn henrik u so freakin made me think here. hahaha. hmmmmmm.

Anonymous Anonymous8/16/2006     

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