Beautiful in places

"Talk to you later, I've got class pa eh."

Apparently me and Sars never got to cross paths again today - so much for the later. Just a thought - one of the many thoughts going through my head during the past few days. To be quite honest I don't really know how to feel right now - I'm possibly torn between worrying about our research, worrying about our majors, or worrying about whether my next teachers would do wonders for my sanity. I guess attending TeamComm's orientation for us majors (and potential majors like me) made me shiver and quiver instead, especially when you hear that the highest possible grade you might receive is a 3.0.

I could be lucky though - TeamComm head Charles Dee was describing how it is to be under the classes of Miss Diaz and Sir Groyon, and I don't have both teachers in my schedule for the coming term (although getting the latter is inevitable, especially for video production and conceptualization classes). However bleak the outlook may have seemed to me, there was still the breath of fresh air since, apparently, Sir Del Mundo is a good teacher grades-wise, and second, there was no mention of how Miss Averion actually does.

I almost had a partner in research class, but not until Sara realized she enrolled in Miss Diaz's class. Again, I was one of the lucky ones from the regular LIA classes to get the remaining four slots for Miss Averion's class, which puts me smack in the middle of LIA-COM students. (Only they could possibly fill up forty slots and leave four in a day.) I wouldn't expect to have a partner, then, but there must be - it's your choice anyway, apparently - and I wouldn't expect to hang on to Sars (apparently my classmate in that class) any longer. Maybe Christina from Filipino 2 class?

If anything else, I've spent my days worrying about whether we'd make our Filipino 2 research on time. We have the surveys (and I'm to finish them tomorrow afternoon, because I'm looking for guys - imagine me saying "naghahanap ako ng lalaki" in the corridors) and the only thing I'm concerned about is whether we'd find some expert to interpret our results and make our research credible. At least I had Joyce stop thinking about changing topics - apparently our brightsparks have saved us from further damnation, to push the point to the wall - and all I have to do is balance my time for that, Remix 06 (which happens tomorrow night), and sleeping.

But aside from that, the days have been boring. For once I find myself actually without much to do - well, aside from Nico's wallpaper - and instead began taking orders from people. After burning ten CDs for Jason - the last one being my hybrid of both the Aral and The Call videos - there was me frantically (seriously) looking up the two sides of debate for Kizia. I don't really think we found the answers until I decided to pull out the good old encyclopedia (because both Encarta and Wikipedia failed us). If anything, things could have gotten a bit unexpectedly political, thanks to me finding a lot of government-related stuff on Google and ending up declaring that "all I'm getting is government debate crap". Then again, there was Jaja getting seemingly awkward with saying "kami ang midya ng kinabukasan, naglilingkod ng tapat sa inyo" only because she's, well, an elected SC officer from Santugon, and nobody can help but make some RTR speech out of their Filipino 2 defense. They ended up replacing "tapat sa inyo" with "para sa inyo".

By the way, I ended up having Kizia use the affirmative-negative terminology. Wonder whether she got it right?

So sorry - I've been too thoughtful lately, or maybe having too many thoughts. Meg just became my big sister (and I'm her big brother, weirdly). I'm suddenly feeling concerned for Mon again. I just had this talk with Ranice earlier, attempting to draw her the way I drawed Kim earlier, until she and Cor left for somewhere else. And I wonder how I could sneak in a camera into the Teresita Yuchengco auditorium - Ale referred me to Jaja, while Clarence referred me to Kizia, and yet I still don't know who to text.

And, I remember reading Caresse's blog and see her mention about her looking forward to the term break without considering that the next term would mean a lot less sleep for all of us. Oh, so much for the anticipation. Apparently I wasn't that willing to think and yet I thought of all of this. Maybe the next time the people at Miguel decide to wear either pink, green or blue - if it'd ever happen.

It's the same old conclusion - I think too much, and right now I'm enjoying it.

And your responses...

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