Dreaming of dreams in dream land

Slept at two, woke at eight. Listened to Mo, then to Trish, then had both of them shut up and turned to ANC. Had the anchors shut up and flicked on the PC.

And so began my journey of self-discovery and self-realization, one marked by chances, opportunities and the occasional flying unicorn. And, after all of this, one thing.

I am bored.

It seems today all I did for the six hours I've been in front of the PC is check stuff, jump stations and exchange lines with the word "dear" with Les. And she is bored as well. We've not talked a lot today, but we've talked about the beach, the layout, and the word "dear". (And, somehow, Nico mentioned the gym today.) And, after all this, my mind has started to shut up and go on a drift to nowhere. Imagine working on unlimited Internet - supposedly blissful, but then again I'm working on dial-up rather than broadband. Simply said, I couldn't download MP3s and listen to BBC 6 Music at the same time, one thing I usually did whenever I had nothing to do in between classes.

And, of course, that doesn't work if you're as fickle-minded as me. So far today I've looked at sites, downloaded tracks and listened to stations, but then again something seems to remain undone. Again, six hours - going on seven - and still it seems I have forgotten to do something, and yet it feels that I had everything covered already.

Somehow I want to go back to school, even if there's nothing to do. I should've lied in the first place and received extra allowance! However I felt the need to wake up late (rather than wake up at half past five even if my departure is four hours later) for once, after staying up too many times typing stuff in the same keyboard I'm using right now. Ironically, I'm still staying up.

Even more ironically, some people remain busy, which just aggravates the entire thing. I couldn't approach them because it's either they're busy (and thus cannot be disturbed, like what Ranice claims to be) or they're just too "unreachable" to be approached (still an apparent problem on my side, right Katia?) Clarence was up early this morning to chat a bit and do her brother's project (presumably), and today she was back at the campus to drop off her final Philosophy paper. Mon is up and about in UP (so now I mention this?).

And me? Idle. Very much idle. And, consequently, doing weird things, or things I haven't done in a really long time.

At least all this will be over on Thursday, at least temporarily, and Caresse intends to bring a camera to actually make a comparison between how we'll look now and at the end of next term, when we're through our first major subject-ridden term. Not exactly an amusing prospect, but I'll give it a shot. Somehow I've become desparate to have photos with people, just to finally fulfill my wish of having forty-eight unique photos with people, so that I can push through with my wallpaper project I intend to name Duets. (And, as Mon always says, "kyot!")

Then again, I'm not sure whether that'll push through even if I had the photos. I've been the procrastinator lately, for some reason. I have four projects floating, and I'm delaying all of them.

I miss people. I miss the cuddles, the jokes, the things we usually do, and that weirdly happy feeling I get with moving around (which is apparently scientifically proven).

However, I have to get over this terrible boredom first. I ended up repeating what I said yesterday. Its entirety, typed differently, today. It's such a landmark for economic efficiency, right?

And your responses...

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