Drops, splashes and crashes

This is how someone who's been isolated from the world react when he lays his fingers on a computer keyboard.

Finally, finally, finally!

Okay. So that's not how I reacted first thing today, after sleeping early, waking early, forgetting to give John the wake-up call, deciding to try E-Aji for once, and board the tourist bus bound for Subic.

Then again, I wasn't that excited. First, including yesterday, I've been to Ocean Adventure for four times already, and the only things that probably changed during yesterday's tour was the inclusion of three dolphins, a new sea lion cub being born (which we obviously never saw), and the tour guides acting as bleacher vendors selling snacks for those watching the shows. Come to think of it, people would still be willing to spend forty pesos for a molten scoop of ice cream on a styrofoam cup - ironic, since that's what kills the turtles. Nevertheless, having my blockmates around makes the difference - well, at least John, Cuyeg, Joy and Dhi, and not to forget the others like Jopet, MC and Airra.

Although we were either catching up on sleep or listening to some iPod the moment the bus left DLSU at twenty past six, we were at our noisiest at the trip home. Before we left, though, Joy was trying to gain the attention of Miss Natividad's eldest, to no avail - Carlo (another classmate) and I thought he was actually running away from her, and wated to procees with taking a photo of the kid running away with Cuyeg's camera.

Cuyeg, John and Joy haven't been at Ocean Adventure before, so I'd give them the chance. Joy, particularly, was very much interested, laughing at the moment Thalia the sea lion was smiling the way a liar in cartoons would. Before we got to the place, though, Cuyeg and Dhi were laughing at the tour guide and what Jopet later called her "parang IBC 13 na hirit". Us being college students certainly brought much more information than when I was in high school, like who was investing where and what was done where, and she was trying her best to infuse humor, robably to no avail to the two at my back. (I was seated solo, by the way, but only because it wasn't a even number of students.)

Cuyeg's camera ran out of batteries at the dolphin show - with that host who went to talk about dolphins communicating with "iskwiks [and] iskwaks" and before that I was taking photos of the others having lunch at the (expensive, mind you) Ilanan Café. There was this more-than-piping-hot chicken strips courtesy of Dhi, complete with Mojo-like fries (were they potatoes, even?) and that gravy which tasted a bit different. Of course we were hungry before the dolphin show, which ended at 13.00 - and then we got to our lunch and realized it's the same things we ate, only colder. And, there was this instant macaroni and cheese on the side that looked more like plastic pasta to me. Nevertheless, I finished up mine and the others had leftovers - all in our own hut, since we got out later and lost our slots. All for free.

What nobody still understands is how the trip home went about. After going iPod-jumping during the duty free shop break (or sleeping break), the five at the back - Carlo, Jopet, Joy, Dhi and Cuyeg - proceeded to start a joke and make a big deal out of something. (Keep quiet, Niko, even if it's really obvious by now.) At the stop-over at some Petron station, we were paying for dimsum and jokingly speculating on what could happen - and it was all over by the time we reached DLSU. But, when they noticed there was a different reaction coming out, then goes the spark. Suffice it to say it was about romance and one of us.

I got home at around nine in the evening, perfectly aware that I'm awake for seventeen hours straight. By half past ten I was asleep. By now I forgot about every other detail - or I'm just too lazy, because again, it's the weekend, it's rainy, and there's nothing to do. For now I'll probably just wait for Cuyeg to upload the photos, and think of something else.

But still, it feels better to get that return pass to Ocean Adventure. Don't expect me to be the one availing of it, though.

And your responses...

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