Giddy fingers and a heart that beats faster

It's ten till five at Cybernook. It seems around terminal E-2-26, a lot of people I know start to show up. On the terminal to my right, Jackie, Ale and Kaymee work on their paper, and Piyar even passed by. Behind me, Maui decides to take over what could have been my terminal because it seems she couldn't find where her actual CPU is. On my left, Kizia flipped terminals and abandoned the terminal which I took later - and which Maui would later take - and, after all, Nico is a donut.

Okay. So today seems flat-out wrong. The LA Post stand caved in to its own weight, rendering my efforts very much useless - bringing three large pieces of wood from EGI Tower to Miguel building on the time I was reserving for study crumbling because a single screw wasn't ready for such a big job. Earlier we got through Filipino 2 reporting, the only snag being our survey seemingly a bit biased - ironically the thing we were trying to prevent. After that Nadia and Mae somehow had me retell that same old story, with Sars giving out the same old advice, only rehashed with the differences in the people who listen. And then there was that big pack of dark chocolate we can't seem to decide on - except for me, though. I didn't get some.

By the way, I still can't believe Sars didn't take what I said waaaay back seriously.

Which brings me here - to terminal E-2-26, where the four girls doing their paper, struggling to explain sampling, left, leaving me to my wits, waiting for Nadia to end her lab class and (if ever) send me a text message so that I could go back to the Miguel lobby and inspect that poor old wood frame. I'm aparently not endowed with carpentry skills like Yas, although I got what Rainy wanted with a little logic and a little help from Ale and Kaymee - but, of course, not until the photocopy machine girl saw the board I took so long to make go down, with me at the bookstore looking for thumb tacks, which are surprisingly inexpensive. I somehow can't wait to retell the same old chapters again - especially with what happened yesterday, with Issa somehow blaming herself for not being online the night before, but ending up being shown things anyway.

Then she'd later have cravings for noodles as I slept at one in the morning, despite my pleas to Joyce to send in the paper immediately for proofreading because I intended to sleep early. Obviously I never got to - I woke up at half past five and dragged myself back to sleep in the bus. Then again, Joyce would text me, commending me for apparently doing well in our report. That much, for going to her house on a Saturday, almost getting munched on by the family dog, getting tangled in conversations on appetites and stuff.

And then again, I'm still seated here, trying to finish an entry that obviously wanted to talk about one thing that I forced myself not to mention anywhere. If there's anything I realized today, it's pretty hard to get used to have Kizia as a seatmate again. Oh, and Nico, if you wanted to know, we're not really talking at each other - but earlier we did, though, before I picked up that crumbled excuse for a tarpauline stand, while she was photocopying somebody else's notes.

Apparently, I'm having a million typos today. And then there's an inevitable fact - now that Maui has left as well, I'd be forced to say goodbye to Kizia when I eithe rreceive the text message or leave the terminal itself. It's getting late, and I have to go home, and yet I'm still here saving my thoughts again.

Wait. It's supposedly a good thing, right?

Or maybe awkward. Yeah, awkward like last time.

And your responses...

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