Pinksparks urgently needed

By the time I got in the bus - a bit earlier than expected, since last night Nadia cancelled the LA Core meeting apparently due to the enthusiastic demand for the flyers we've been making - sleeping was the only thing occupying my mind. Hours before I was walking around with Anna looking for CED majors to interview. I still have fourteen survey forms left with me, thanks to those students being a hard catch, stuck between classes at either Yuchengco or Andrew buildings. And my feet are tired from walking around the campus - I think I walked the entire campus' circumference seven times over. But of course, I don't really know.

Then again we'd experience this the moment 11 September kicks in, when we start taking our major subjects - of course, that isn't a sure fact because sixteen of us still have to confirm our application - and by then lose what we hold on to dearly at this moment, like opportunities like this to blog, or a social life, or sleep.

I think there's this conscious effort for me to get used to staying up (and staying up I am, which means I'm sleeping four hours on average, six days a week) just staring at the computer monitor. Last night I found myself chatting with Nadia - this time about both the LA Post flyers and the stories I've been telling. I logged off at twelve, thinking she might have been disconnected and never got to log-in again because she didn't reply at the end of my (extremely exhaustive) explanation. I log-in tonight and see that she was still there at one in the morning - staying pretty, you, I wonder why? - and had this for size.

"I just read your message now, and read a part of your blog..."

So I somehow forced her to read blogs, because earlier she said she didn't.

"...so there I saw her name. Hahahaha."

Thinking that she indeed replied to me at one in the morning - I was fast asleep by then - I felt a bit guilty, somehow. Or, maybe I really have to move locations to make me closer to school, for once. And yet both me and my parents won't let me free.

Wednesday was normal, except probably for a fire drill that disrupted Economics class, complete with invisible smoke that actually smelled of (according to Malia, I think) photocopiers. And then where was that NU107/Tapat concert with Pupil, Kamikazee and Pinikpikan. I got seven autographs - four from every Pupilopolis mayor, three from Kamikazee - which left me eating a burrito for munch, a Les-inherited trait, for five days straight. Since I got grounded from the camera - it's just weird, and everyone from Mon to Yvette thinks so - I don't have photos, but Meg has some, luckily.

Then today, which I set to be me looking around the campus for CED students since I got my COS surveys done through Jessica. (If you're reading this, thanks lots again!) Apparently I still relied on connections and am now having a backlog of fourteen respondents. I offered coffee to both Anna and myself, and we both refused it. I treated Jaja to ice cream, to everyone's surprise because it took her a really short time asking me to do so. I finally realized I'm having that reputation for asking mean questions during English 3 panel discussions, but every group was lucky I was either falling asleep, busy studying for Earth Sciences, or evaluating when they were on - almost no questions were asked. (That's what Carlo wanted so badly, he gave me a high-five when we later met.)

And then, I got on the bus, after travelling to Mutien Marie Hall with Huey and Cor, speaking straight English with our block's Sars, and hugging tightly our batch's Sars. (Yeah, I just realized you could be confused with all the names - some are, already.) I paid for my ticket and slumped on my seat, and napped for the next fifty minutes or so. I woke up and I was seeing that Jollibee branch.

So sometimes we really have to get used to these things - somehow I feel it is only in school when I feel less restricted. That's another story - anyway, I was texting nonsense to Issa about me getting sleepy, talking asterisks (if you know what I mean), and other mumbles you couldn't possibly understand. However I was still imaginative enough to think of pinksparks - apparently something to brighten me up, because today I was wearing a dark outfit, the skies were dark, and Anna justified her wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt by saying she needed something to spark her up. (She still reminds me of a cowgirl, or maybe it's the pants that went along with it.)

And, when I got home, I tried to sleep again, but I never got to.

If you're curious, I'm wide awake, even.

Maybe after this I'd start looking for CED students. I got my deadline moved to 13.00 tomorrow, since not everybody, it seems, is done - even Anna got some floating survey forms, as far as I know - and I'd bring myself down if I don't do it right still. I'll also have to catch up on sleep since Saturday's the Subic field trip, and we're to leave at 06.00 sharp, which means I wake up three hours earlier. For now, though, since I surprised myself realizing that I really haven't got anything to do for school, I'll reread Mon's entry about me - and leave you guys to wonder what we were really talking about.

But of course, it's a really open clue, right? Speaking of which, I think it's swinging again. That part, though, I'll leave you to figure out - but maybe I wouldn't let you.

And your responses...

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