Some citrus candy and a Snickers bar

So there I was, walking out of the campus and to wherever half of the BonoSoc was to have lunch. Somehow tightly gripped in my hands was this small plastic bag, with this handwritten (and possibly personalized) note from Nadia, and in it was orange candy, lemon candy, and a Snickers bar. Of course I found it sweet - everyone from the LA Core got that, after an entire term of assembling booths, writing articles and giving out endless surveys - and, although you could funnily associate it with an ironically meager salary, it just showed how much our work was appreciated.

But of course I am not yet having the courage to open that small plastic bag, nor text Nadia about my similarly spiked-up appreciation for the many sugar rushes I dedicated to the cause. Maybe later - she must be invisible.

The other thing that pretty much stood out among my observations was Kim's MacBook - and with its built-in iSight, she decided to do some photos - and some contorted ones. I don't know when she'll be uploading them, but there was this effects thing that came with Photo Booth that made Jill's head grow like an alien's (oh, hello, Lau!) and Sara's face look like a foot. There seems to be this MacBook attack happening - Clarence just had one, and Toni is presumably gunning for one as well. Probably some GMG thing, although it could be too coincidential to be true. Oh, and Cuyeg's been drooling for one for weeks now, after a lot of talk between him and Toni.

While the girls have been playing with the "Chiclet-y keyboard" - that's actually called a Chiclet keyboard, as Wikipedia says - I proceeded to get my EAF and my dean's list certificate, a much-missed piece of paper, at least at home. After realizing I forgot to change sections for those two Saturday classes - I couldn't, anyway, because slots were full before I could even log in again - Economics class began swinging again, with Sir Raymundo trying to keep everyone's hopes up about the optional Saturday long test by saying that it's by the many times we rise from the fall. And he actually thought of a quotation for it to fit - of course, laughter followed, and then it was back to lessons regarding plant sizes and average costs. And then, lunch.

And then, that trip home. Nothing much really happened, so to speak. It was just me lugging around a jacket when it didn't rain, with a sick Les borrowing it later on, and me not getting sick yet. it was just people feeling polarities in the climate - either they found it too hot or too cold, despite the lack of differences. As for me, I just silently told Nadia (silently at that, even?) that I feel like it's been a transition period during the past few days. I found myself silent, and then I found myself hugging her out of hyperactivity.

And the weirder thing is, I haven't taken the candy bars yet - not until two hours later - and she hasn't even finished placing that aqua-blue envelope on the bulletin board.

Another thing I realized, I am encountering another lesson on opportunity costs.

And your responses...

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