Sorry to keep you waiting

I've been practically on holiday for the past five days or so, and yet I haven't written much things here (but some know I've written a lot on Shale, my more serious blog) simply because, ironically, nothing's passed by lately. The last thing I would be doing is tell Jan that I'm actually losing inspiration again - a complete irony from what I said last Wednesday - but actually I already had something to write by Friday. Only thing is, I forgot everything.

Blame the holidays. For the past days I've been in front of the PC, at least on weekdays, for a minimum of five hours a day, and all I've been doing is switch frequencies, edit thumbnails, and think of layouts. It's not nice to have only three people online in an afternoon, and all of them are "on SMS" at that - it just makes for a boring afternoon, and weirdly, a sleepless night.

Again my days have collapsed to a routine - wake up at around eight (and miss, without much consequences, Mo Twister's show), eat, take a bath, sit in front of the PC, and afterwards spend the night in between switching radio stations and texting Issa. I usually sleep at around eleven, but if both of us can't seem to fall asleep - which is always the case, because Issa never sleeps early and I am kept up by watching Bandila - we just text each other to death until half past midnight.

Even worse, I slept at two in the morning today, despite me telling Mon that I'm to sleep early. I'll be quick to admit, I never got to fall asleep. I never got to make something out of my days, either.

I've been looking for productive means to make the most out of my God-given three-week break, and so far I am booked to do four layouts - Martin's, Ariane's, Marcia's and Mon's. Problem is, I couldn't expect myself to finish these layouts in the two weeks remaining - Clarence's layout took a week to finish, and four months to conceptualize.

Then again, I'll need the training, for that's what I'll basically have to do in the future. I even thought I'm training myself to stay up at night and remain sleepless until the morning, although I still think I have to sleep or else I'd get cranky, however late I get to do so. I've been reading a lot of things just to keep my imagination working. I've even been trying to send Issa some nonsense messages, which means our conversations have always collapsed to similar ends.

Still, I don't expect myself to be happy either once we start the second term. As Caresse pointed out, we better update our blogs now for we won't get to update them once we start working. Admittedly, that's the reason why my updates have been few and far between this month - I think this entry puts my August input at half of what I usually write in the past months. No double entries, and a lot of huge gaps in between. I think I also have to get used to have nobody respond to my entries.

But I'm pretty excited to start classes. I mean, if only to keep things back to normal levels. Besides, I have a five-hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays - and only one class on Wednesdays (which means I rush to beat the traffic on 29 September, when Jackie's debut starts). I could be misled today, or maybe in two weeks' time.

So, maybe that's why everyone has left for holiday - Jaja and Jackie have both arrived in Tuguegarao, but I guess not everybody has left to their hometowns due to obligations. I've even seen Toni lug around a DSLR taking photos for her Filipino 2 magazine she's working with the party animals. (Again I think of capitalization and never bother.) But wait a minute - how would Jaja confirm her acceptance to the majors program come Thursday?

Anyway, I guess I just sent through my entire point - I'm stuck for words again, because I'm stuck on a holiday when I'd rather do meaningful things. Expect around two weeks' worth of entries with a similar feel unless things work themselves out and I end up getting extremely depressed. Thankfully, so far I haven't.

But I am starting not to make sense. Could anybody help me out?

And your responses...

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