Strangely attractive distractions

My unofficial target today is to make it to the four hundred entry mark before, well, I lose the chance of making it to four hundred entries. By the way, this is entry three hundred ninety-four.

Same thing, though, if I'd aim to make it to that achievement (if we should call it that) then it means I would have to make more entries that don't make sense (and, if you're Ale, we'll call it as that inside joke only we understand - you still remember the emails?). So much for actually putting an effort to make entries that people would actually read.

If you're like me and you've got nothing to do, then basically you'll end up thinking in bullet points. My day's been practically peppered with one-liners and the blanket sadness that found its way to my psyche last night. Or maybe it's because I watched the Emmys all by myself and got caught up with the tributes. Last night - and this morning, obviously - I was texting Issa again and found myself making absolutely no sense. Just what I feared - and just what I needed the most, an appropriate distraction winning the battle against heavy eyes and everything else.

And by now, I'd probably start to not make sense out of boredom. It's just fun, and ironically inspiration really hasn't hit me now. I had thoughts to write and I forgot all about them again. Maybe I was distracted too much for everything to work.

I may be too impatient, but it's either Kizia hasn't uploaded that photo, or she didn't really take a photo of me during Ale's play.

People have been silently pressuring me to answer more Friendster surveys, and although I've been only answering the ones that come from Ella (because there's a much smaller chance of answering a survey I already answered, upon realizing that my six degrees have been slashed to four) people have been quick to snap them up and kill boredom as a consequence. I even remember Trix writing in one of those questions that whoever sent those surveys - technically called me-mes - send some more. It happens that it came from me. Oooh, silent pressure.

Speaking of Friendster, Caresse just sent me another testimonial that pretty much says the same thing. And Kizia still hasn't. And I'm not waiting.

I'm vaguely and silently scared as to whether I'd really get into the majors, and not because I'd fail the requirements - that possibility's pretty far off - but if some stupid mistake, or worse, a stupid coincidence, happens. Then again, there's still Economics and Religion 2 grades to watch out for. Should I welcome myself to the second honors list?

Should I also stop writing consistently in italics? Should I even be that fussy? Wait - there went another one.

Again, Ariane's little ditty on why I should not apologize - placed in context, I shouldn't apologize for having nothing to tell. Then again, I should apologize for actually trying so hard to have something to write. I couldn't blame anybody, though: the break's just too long, and yet it it too short considering how many nights I have stayed up typing things, either to a word processor to a chat window. The problem with people like me, it seems, is that we all are too paranoid, and we even entertain those thoughts that always proceeds to ruin the holidays.

So, at thirteen past midnight, Issa was asking me whether I just don't want to tell her why sadness prounced on me, or if I either don't know or am unsure about it. Of course, I chose option number three. With the many thoughts crossing my mind in a given second - impressive, potential psychologists? - of course we're bound to get a mix-up or a complete crash.

Strangely attractive - that's a line I was more than happy to prounce within the last few weeks.

I've pretty much forgotten why the latest twist to my life story hasn't materialized terribly yet. But maybe it would on Thursday, and that would definitely bring my stomach to a knot, and my head to a pop culture column.

And Les isn't online? I guess she's gone to the mall. Isn't she lucky?

And your responses...

Speaking of Friendster, Caresse just sent me another testimonial that pretty much says the same thing. And Kizia still hasn't. And I'm not waiting.

hahah talaga? d ko nabasa ung dati ko sabi sayu eh

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