With the moon as our witness

Today I realized again why I had a crush on Ale.

Or maybe you could call it another sugar rush. I couldn't blame anybody - somehow, today, I wasn't exposed to the world, limiting myself to the classrooms where I was supposed to go. I actually came in late to our last English 3 class because there was a really long copying job ongoing when I was waiting for my copies of our evaluation sheets for the impromptu speeches. To make it more specific, Toni actually passed by because I never got to reply to her text message asking me to, well, photocopy the forms. I was too busy evaluating (and, consequently, giving low grades) those automatic Powerpoint presentations those unexempted students were supposed to master, while at the same time getting damn irritated at Jom for actually being proud of his days spent taking, err, stuff. If he tries to make everyone amazed at what he did, well, nobody seemed to be. He's gotta learn that people hate him, still. Turns out he hasn't changed a damn bit.

I never got to do my impromptu speech until around half past three, because the familiar bell rang the moment Toni ended her speech. The last three speakers were assigned to do their speeches at the Andrew building, up there at the fifteenth floor where I was no longer a stranger to. Technically, I was late by an hour, using for a flimsy excuse being "held somewhere" - I was actually watching Ale's play for their Literature 1 class.

I was already at the fourth floor by around noon, getting too bored after deciding to spend another of my almost-two-hour breaks alone, without anything for company except for the chicken burrito I chowed down oh-so-quickly. Up there at the fourth floor classrooms, where the aircon units have been turned down to prepare for the transition from classroom to SPS extension offices, I somehow snapped up the documentation role I did before for Remix 06, with her bringing the camera this time. (The photos I took, plus around nine photos of Jana that I wasn't responsible for, might be uploaded tomorrow.) I was utterly convinced to go watch the play, apparently fueled by the fact that I wouldn't catch them if I did the speech first. I (almost) got a course card and went to M314, for the set-up and some suggestions.

Ale was playing June, one of the main characters; her partner was Carlo (yes, him with us in Subic) who was playing Johnny. The play was a little spin, although disconnected, on Romeo and Juliet; their attack was unabashedly minimalist, with a sparse set consisting only of two spotlights, two OHPs, four chairs, and a blanket. Jana was playing June's mom, while Paulo (better known for you readers as one of my Filipino 2 classmates who's also notorious for getting the highest CGPA among our entire batch last school year) played Johnny's dad, with an inclination for "boom" in every sentence he says.

The practice pretty much was a refresher - but not until the set-up, where Tina (a classmate of Ale's) persists the need for some reality in the scenes. "I want necking!" she said, as the main characters were rehearsing their lines (Ale hasn't memorized her's entirely yet) and me taking weirdly snazzy candid photos.

Both blockmates dragged a lot of people into the room - Cuyeg and Huey were there, presumably to assist in raising the curtain in the, err, love scene between the two characters. (Obviously it all amounts to the blanket and the OHP.) Dhi and Joy were there, as well as Marcia, Ariane and Kizia - the latter and Dhi were carrying the sudden prerequisite for next term, those DSLRs we want to have but just can't. That simply means Ariane has got better photos than I do - pretty much the same case with Remix 06 - but, then again, I'll admit I was pretty smitten when Kizia decided to take a photo of me taking a photo of her. I wonder whether I'll get that photo.

That last point - yes, it all boils down to that. For some particular reason, without me even trying, things have particularly gone well. For those who know what happened a few days back, then you'd understand the fuss about it - if it existed. On the other hand, I've been too busy thinking of ways to kill the time without realizing I've been procrastinating a lot of things already. Quite personally, I'm not relieved - I'm surprised, but I'm happy, as I obviously should be. And again, I'm "weirdly happy" - Issa would understand why.

And then, onwards to the redone impromptu speech, a short conversation, and me going home earlier than expected. It's been a jarring day, actually, with all the isolation and alienation in the initial stages, all summed up when Marcia told me she didn't feel my presence in the morning where I usually would be. Right now, though, I'm too chuffed to think of anything else but the things I'm supposed to do.

So till then, I better start studying for our Religion 2 long test and working on our general assessment for that Filipino 2 report - and, of course, making perfect sense of everything. Then again, I don't really have to.

(This entry is dedicated to Ranice's dog Choco, who was killed by some pitbull back home. Memories were shared since she was eleven, and right now I'm just trying to make something sympathetic out of something - then again, life can be so cruel, doesn't it? Like feeling isolated, or shying away from the truth...)

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