And sticky glue makes it six

Let's just quickly get over the fact that I lent seventy bucks to Sars today. Well, I thought she'd photocopy a few pages and quickly offered to shoulder it like I usually do, but then again it's their film class under Sir Groyon. And she's photocopying for three people, so that's ninety bucks all in all. I got paid partly, though. But imagine those handouts. There just too many pages, and too many people asking for it.

I can go on and on about my day, and how my five-hour break was spent with either Mirielle and I putting Jan in the hot seat at Z2, or helping Jaja do a "major revision" for the long-delayed batch newsletter, or reading the first chapter to Chronicle of a Death Foretold. However, the most interesting moment of the day probably happened during the first LA Core meeting - well, not really a meeting per se, but more of a crafts workshop.

So last night things were pretty much set - Y2K texting me in the middle of the bus ride asking whether I had colored bond paper, Nadia sending me an accidentally misspelled rights sleeve for cutting and taping - and then, after getting hell-annoyed at a classmate in Literature 2 class, I got up to M315 and realized that we've moved a room ahead, and Miss Pam was at the building faster than I expected. Oh, and should I say this was some sort of bonding session, a long-delayed one, with the girls of our batch's LA Core?

It was just the three of us initially - Nadia, Mae and I were getting to cutting up the colored papers. Of course, I was there to make fun of myself, making sure I became a pattern of inefficiency because I was cutting up the papers really slowly. Then again, in research class earlier - where Miss Averion and a classmate got affected by the stalled MRT train at Timog - I somehow divulged that I was diagnosed with ADHD, which was precisely why I chose that as my research topic. So the moment Y2K, Maui, Meh and Anna came and started sorting the cups, my little "inefficiency" conversation with Mae took off and went places.

Simply because I've kept secrets, surprisingly, with the first two girls, the others wanted in. And, of course, I didn't want to budge. After Sars came into the picture - and promptly left it with my seventy bucks - everything just began. I was put in the hot seat this time.

For snapping me out of my little depression pang, I'll thank those six ladies that insisted in knowing what even I didn't know.

I'm not really sure, though. I've pretty much made a big deal out of me (and Kevin) being surrounded by LC18 students during research class. Yeah, things wouldn't turn out similarly once I get back to M208 armed with interviews, but I guess that just snapped me out of my little reality-denial that I'm pretty much alone in the class. As I pointed out to Mae - or did she point it out? - everybody in my first-degree radius is from one block, and quickly I couldn't relate. What surprises me, though, is that despite that environment - which is supposed to keep me quiet - I'm apparently not.

Obviously they were intently listening back at M316 - about my diagnosis, about my past, about the things I told Nadia through YM that she seemed to consistently forget - and despite their efforts to want to know what's up with me, they're getting confused at the way I talk so fast and their confusion over whether I jumbled my clues up. Am I the only one having fun? I don't know - Y2K just came up with the idea that I had a crsuh on her, jokingly of course, upon thinking that the names Katrina (her actual name, if you're curious) and Kizia have the same first letters.

Apparently she came up again, but only to... I should get up and get a zipper first.

Simply said, it was probably the most fun I had during the past week. And I know only a few understood why I was depressed, but it was definitely not those six, because the only thing they probably got was that I talk most when I'm depressed, and proceeded to take advantage of that. I ended up getting a tired jaw, and a lot of papers cut. Pink, green, something else.

I went home with Mae today - that was one thing we somehow decided to agree on before all the madness started - and she ended up understanding what the fuss was all about. So much for Meh wanting to really know - not that I wanted her to know. Oh, but you'll never get it, probably.

Anna just linked me to this entry on her blog. I know, I know, it's about waiting for someone again. I think, though, we've been sending each other thought bubbles. I think everybody has been doing such things recently. Yeah, it's still hard to get through depression - pretend or otherwise - but, as I ended up telling Jan in some way earlier, what makes the difference between short-term and long-term despair is the number of people that are willing to share it with you.

Cutting myself short of making further fun of myself, I shall thank the six girls that were with me. Now I shall proceed preparing to get an autograph from Aia de Leon. I just wish it doesn't rain that hard - and the other people are hungry enough to finsih up our possibly dried-up snacks.

Taralets, tara-tara-taralets, di ka na mabibigo...

And your responses...

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