I couldn't have thought of that

Carlo could just show up and become some crucial character. And, funnily enough, he just kept on showing up.

There's nothing to tell, really.

I mean, it's not because I forgot everything. It just happens that despite the many kilometers I turned out to have walked for around ten hours last Thursday, nothing special in particular happened. Of course, getting such high grades (don't rub it in, I can hear that from some), or eating pizza, or getting jittery, or having people fail you for some obscure reason can happen at any other day, so I'll save the fancy talk for the future and say again - there's nothing to tell.

Well, maybe there was Miss Diaz finally saying the four words I've long wanted to hear. Welcome to the majors. However, she said it differently when me, Jaja and Lau passed by the offices of the Department of Communication to present our English 3 course cards and prove that we have fulfilled a much-needed (and much-argued) prerequisite. "See you next term," she simply said - but then again I found a reason to partly celebrate, and we walked out the room with a sigh of relief, and my held-back hyperactivity.

Funnily, though, there was one thing that somehow served as a warning for the (apparently) tenth-of-a-grand plus one people who'll be entering the CAM majors program next term. As we waited for Miss Diaz to finish her other business, someone from the higher batches notices us and picked out Lau, and had this (weirdly unnecessary but positively taken) remark.

"Fresh meat," the guy said. "Good luck!"

Lau simply retorted with the way she always says thanks.

And so was the very point, the very thing we've been waiting for all Thursday long. Finally we can pay our tuition and know we don't have to get a refund anymore. I don't know what happened with the other waitlisted people, though - the fanfare has quickly died down. There was just me texting Cuyeg about him passing by the department, and then there was Marcia texting me about the same thing as I went home, and then - it somehow had to come up, weirdly - there was the quick word that Kizia passed by much earlier only to find Miss Diaz not yet there. Then there was Les saying she's still paranoid about the thing. Nevertheless, there was still this huge, collective sigh of relief - for the next few days, at least.

We were earlier even worrying about what our CGPAs could be, although apparently the department didn't need that number anymore. I only got a 2.5 in Religion 2 class - just as I expected; it dragged my GPA down to a 3.66, but that ain't a bad number after all - but surprises were in store for Economics class. During TEA Time at G210, Yvette was somehow proudly showing off her course card for her Economics 1 class - and, as we all know, it's sir Asuncion who's teaching there. Without thinking that it's our class who he dropped in favor of theirs - or at least that's what's being said - we got our course cards and was personally surprised to see the same number shown on Yvette's card. A 3.5 is not a bad number as well - just as expected.

One of those ''mirror images'' I somehow had. From left: Toni, Cor, Ale and Kim.

Somehow L110, where the last course cards went, became some refuge for the heat that characterized Thursdays. Walking around in a dark blue shirt isn't fun, and walking around in similar conditions plus the sun isn't fun either. I silently realized I started to smell and consequently forgot to spray - ooops, too personal a detail there - and became somehow scared of personal contact. I didn't have to, apparently. Just my little old paranoid self working.

But it was hot. It's as hot as summer, a day before September kicked in, supposedly characterized by the cool climate that screams Christmas out. Luckily though nobody had to faint - as far as I know - from either the temperature or the grades. Maybe there was the usual weirdness that people exude, or the surprises a long break could pull off.

The last slice, by the way, went to both Cuyeg and Cor. I didn't have any - surprising for a pizza fanatic - and it's nothing negative, anyway. That was eighteen inches of pizza, by the way.

Lunch was at Shakey's, and seven of the eleven had that eighteen-inch, four-flavor Grand Slam pizza. Of course service wasn't as good as we expected - I walked to the counter, upon Kim's suggestion, to ask for utensils which arrived after the food did. But twelve slices of pizza seemed irresistible - plus the thought of cleaning them with hot pepper sauce. It just drips, I tell you. And, surprisingly, our contributions exceeded what we needed to pay - proof that I cannot, and will not, be a good accountant even if my father is one.

Then again there were the Mojo potatoes - and, of course, the dip. As for me, I had to stick with what I have ordered - a good old plate of Bunch o'Lunch - and pay for what I paid for. It was still a satisfying lunch, I'll admit.

And, if it isn't obvious enough, I have successfully sneaked out the camera. So much with surprising Mon - who promised to bring her camera and have a photo with me - until we finally met during TEA Time and found out that she ran out of batteries. We did have a photo together but that wasn't enough to make me the Duets wallpaper I wanted to have. (Yes, fussy me wants forty-eight such photos with forty-eight different people.)

That activity was just an extra itinerary, with me thinking I don't really have to go (or I've gone forgetting what Sars has said weeks before) until Nadia texted me Wednesday night asking for our attendance. Who knew - only two of us showed up, but the batch assembly was almost well represented as well. Honestly, though, I was itching to finish so that I could get my course cards and go home (because I made the worst decision of the day - wear my Hush Puppies to school simply because it wasn't raining), but somehow, after the photos, I got tangled up with doing (unintended) photographic coverage for the planned birthday surprise for both Sars and assembly president Agnes de Castro.

Deep inside, I knew I missed something - Sars' birthday was last Tuesday, while Agnes' birthday was yesterday, and the latter was the one whipping up the surprise for the former. So i found a reason to stay - we were being held, somehow, and even funnier we were answering the evaluation sheets and Jaja kept on coming in even if she isn't supposed to. After the smugness came the surprise - then Rainy proceeded to twist it by asking Agnes how she would celebrate her birthday.

The cake came with two candles in it, and when everyone was asking the two girls to hold their poses for a photo - on my camera, obviously - nobody did. To be more exact, Sars was off the camera before I got to press the shutter. So much, so much for the effort.

And suddenly I'm nervous again. Classes resume in nine days and we've been hearing stories already. I've been anticipating that this term is the last term I'd be on the dean's list, simply because the department's standards are so high. And, as FAST 2003's batch president Jecah Ginete pointed out to Jaja (for the three of us, plus Missy from FAST 2004, were there first), they'd demand so much time from you. Thankfully, for some of us, accounting doesn't have to be there to demand the same things. Although this term I'd be dumped with paperwork - and, for us taking research class this term, the next term is one of our so-called "hell terms" - it is obviously much more pressuring, and I don't think my teacher would gladly oblige despite the reputations. One glance at Sir Groyon - I haven't taken him this term - and I'm increasing my heart rate.

Then again, we're already in. And, definitely, there's no turning back.

Maybe it's because Huey got a 1.0 in Algebra class. He's been singing those hip-hop songs on Cuyeg's iPod, and Cor has been taking videos, even. And there there was ''bumalik ka na kasi, Nico'' lines. That I don't get anymore.

Well, maybe there's turning back from hip-hop - the very thing Huey started singing, eliciting remarks that Nico should come back from Canada - or from paranoia, or from that photo of Cor, or anything else that just happened. I am even turning back now from the "there's nothing to tell" line I said earlier - and maybe focus on what I should be doing, well before everything collapses and I find myself without a shelter to go home to. (Yes, too dramatic, and all the more nonsensical.)

And there's a few little realizations at this very minute. Despite my paranoia I still gave (or got) around three hugs yesterday - and I'll just roll my eyes. My big toenail still hurts a lot. And Ale suddenly appears in all four photos uploaded in today's entry.

As I (unintendedly but wittingly) told someone yesterday, I couldn't have thought of that.

And your responses...

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