My faded pink epidemic

If I only had in excess of twelve grand, I would have solved my terrible problem that's facing me on Tuesdays and Thursdays: a five-hour break. I would have immediately snapped up that iPod nano Mae's sister has been surprisingly selling, went to making it work during the weekend, and just settle down during the dead hours of those days, pretending to lounge with headphones in my ears. Then I could even fulfill Jenn's description of me that involved the headphones I used to rely on three terms ago.

I almost arrived late for research class - or, to be exact, I arrived five minutes before 08.00, just to be surprised to see my other classmates get in the usually locked rooms. For the second time in two days, I wore something against my will and found myself seeing Sars wearing (surprisingly) a black jacket. Settling on a seat beside Mae, because that was the only free seat I wanted to sit in - it was in the middle of the classroom, in the second row - I waited, and waited further, for Miss Averion to come in. At the same time, those at the other classroom - those with Miss Diaz on board - are getting orders to read chapters of a book for Thursday. That was a thick handout, honestly.

Well, Miss Averion finally arrived, arranging another one of those round-robin things (which wasn't technically an introduction, but everyone was necessarily reminded of LPEP). Then Kevin arrived - which was technically a breath of fresh air, and a much-needed one. Not that I hate LIA-COM students - why should I, if I have a handful of friends from their ranks? - but I worried about whether I would have a partner, and since the two of us are the only regular LIA students in the class, it seemed more than obvious we'd pick each other.

So far, Miss Averion does seem friendly - pretty much the reason why everyone wanted this class - and was chatting up bits while some laughed at how EJ misheard draft and wrote graph on the board instead. Apparently our end result would be a documentary rather than just a research proposal (which Miss Diaz did), or I just got everything confused, but so far we haven't essentially taken off.

And somehow I can't help but think hugging Sars has become a prerequisite, and a weird prerequisite at that.

In the middle of that long (not to mention really tedious) break, I met up with the BonoSoc and realized I had a lot of blockmates for classmates in Literature 2 class. I found out yesterday that Ale was my classmate in that class, so no surprise there; I also heard from her that Kaymee would also be there. Then quickly three more were added: Jaja, Joy and Dhi were suddenly along for the ride. Two more hours were spent treating Jaja to hot chocolate which she wouldn't finish despite it tasting good (not to mention a lot of people, including Francis from Santugon, drinking up as well) and talking to Tracy while trying to study my handouts.

Up at Y503, after walking around a lot of times (and needlessly telling people like Nadia and Mae about the fact that Jaja's hot chocolate was my shout) and getting tired in the process, I found a lot more familiar faces. Karla was there again, as well as Johann and Coco from English 3 class. And then, without much fanfare, Kizia went into the room.

I guess it takes a lot to get used to having a party animal as a classmate. Or, if you just want to hear it, it takes a long time to get used to sitting beside Kizia again. That's what I did, and somehow I didn't care if I was in the fourth row.

Anyway, our teacher was Miss Pam (or, as I later found out, was actually Miss Agaloos), who was really friendly and showed a lot of interest - just as expected, especially when you graduated from Literature in DLSU. As I inferred, she was born in Chicago, grew in Alaska, sings in the Pops Orchestra, and is an expert (as said) in cultural diaspora - something like that. And, as it turns out, we'd have a poetry recital and a play - simply said, a combination for what Jaja and Ale did. And, of course, a novel, which I somehow did (as well as everybody else).

Oh, and she apparently keeps six blogs. Somehow my blogs came into the picture, and somehow Kizia getting mentioned came into the picture, because somehow the term "literature taken personally" - a trademark of mine during Literature 1 class two terms ago - is starting to come into the picture again, like that Patch Adams quote from some author memorized and mentioned.

So much for what Miss Averion pointed out earlier, that overwhelming feeling you get when you realize you have a lot of information to process for your research, to squeeze into thirty minutes of edited footage or so. And, in my case, it's a weird combination of me losing my sense of time, a lot of things to do, and seeing the block haggling for photocopied handouts like we used to during our frosh years. Funnily today it was Jackie's turn to photocopy, a role usually passed to me. And, even funnier, I have blockmates in every class, even in those where I expected no one to show up.

As Miguel's third floor slowly gets abandoned and the people slowly disappear, you can't help but feel that little piece of irony peeping out of the doors.

As for me, I'll arrive on campus at 07.30 and wait for four hours before my next class. I better get ready to spend, yawn, and wait endlessly. Or, maybe run away.

I just got distracted from what Ranice has on YM. "Lord, please help me adjust my sked," her status says. Then I remember what we weirdly ended up taking about yesterday.

"Baka ibang Kizia ang kilala ko?" she said as she pondered whether she was her classmate in her Literature 1 class.

My weird reply: "Eh iisa lang naman ang Kizia sa DLSU?"

She got her thoughts wrong. It was funny, though. And, weirdly, a sign of things to come.

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are not going to be simply busy; they would also be weirder than I expect.

And your responses...

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