Probably not but most definitely

Marcia and I decided to ride the bus together, and in a fit of Jana-like smugness, I decided to say goodbye to the people around.

"Thanks for the donut, Myrene!" I blurted out. "Oh, and thanks for the hug, Aia!"

I actually feared that I wouldn't get to watch Imago today. After all, we were in charge of the free food giveaway. The moment my only class was dismissed, I went to the Marian Quadrangle to assist in placing the different snack foods in student right-labeled plastic cups. I was already tired - my heart registered 158 beats per minute after realizing I left all but one notebook in either Y503 or M316, only to find them nowhere - but I still found some fun in grabbing plastic bags improvised as gloves to place fish crackers in those cups. And, of course, the anxiety in wondering whether people would pick them up.

Then again, I later realized that most of the FAST 2005 people have set off to watch at the nearby amphitheater. Basically, there hasn't been any reason for me to stay behind, and maybe even look stupid for a bit. So I took off and left.

I've been making much out of calling Imago's vocalist Aia de Leon my "crush for a day" - it's technically part of what was left from my hyperactivity yesterday, but it's also partly because I found her pretty from the new Taralets video. Everybody's been singing that, even in the middle of the preparations for the food giveaway. For my part, I was just bent on getting an autograph, not to mention watching another band grace our amphitheater. The set-up was quite different - this time the sound equipment was at the highest bleachers - but the sun was shining brightly, and it was getting hotter for comfort.

I'll just skip the boring parts. You know you want your questions answered.

It was a really fun set - despite only three songs, there was something with their set that wasn't present with those of the other bands that have performed under that huge tree. Aia, for one, made a little blunder, plugging her album and blurting out grab as grub. Drummer Zach Lucero quickly realized the situation and did that drum trick that those performers on the American latenight shows do. Simply said, it wasn't simply a perfunctory thank-you line along with the occasional comment. For once, I laughed in a set, and it wasn't because of snapped guitar strings!

The entire thing was finished earlier than expected, though. Of course, there was this reputation of U-Break concerts finishing after the 14.30 classes begin. This time the bleachers were empty twenty minutes before classes started, probably because people were not just interested in hearing opinions on the dress code and the (already existent again) attendance policy. There was no spectacular ending - Aia had this ear infection, or so she said, and thus she didn't do a head stand. Nevertheless she was as hyperactive as she was in that video. Not much people rushed backstage, weirdly - it was an orderly flow, decently scattered between the forty minutes or so after the hosts said goodbye.

I quickly tagged along Ariane and was probably the first (as always, since people want photos) to get Aia's autograph. Pretty easy, it seems. She was just seated there entertaining the starstruck fans. Zach quickly took to the benches and had lunch. Bassist Myrene Academia was packing up a bit until people started to approach her as well. By then I already took Myrene's signature and was just lingering around, waiting for Zach to finish lunch - now this is a rude thing to do - so that I could get his autograph and impress my sister. By then Marcia had arrived from the library, not realizing that the set's finished. Well, we ended up spending our next few minutes together.

As usual, she wanted an autograph too. Oh, and she was showing me her new mobile and wanted photos. So, fine, I'll take a photo of her and Aia, as long as - of course, a brightspark! - she takes a photo of us as well. It's been a long time, really, since I had a photo with celebrities - the last one could be the one with Kitchie Nadal three terms back - so I better grab the chance and be surprised at how far I actually got.

Marcia put on her large shades, put on a wide grin, and the photo was done.

I took her position and impulsively decided to hug Aia tightly. She agreed, and put on the same smile she gave previously. And, of course, I didn't smile so good.

That's when I decided to mention her being a "crush for a day" - that fact I have already trotted around a few others, particularly to Mae, who was not wearing white with me as previously prescribed. She somehow wondered whether it was some regular feature or something. We pretty much chatted until I realized somebody was also waiting for a photo.

Marcia then wanted the photo-autograph combination from Myrene. The former was initially apprehensive - as with the silence that's usually exhibited, she thought the latter was not gonna take her so well. After assurances that she wouldn't bite her, it was pretty much the same set-up. She asks for the signature, I hold the phone and press the shutter.

Then she offered us donuts. She'd eaten already, apparently, but the people at the foodfest gave an entire half-dozen to the band for their consumption. Having not eaten lunch yet, I took a chocolate-glazed one and decided that we have a splash-worthy situation. I was to eat the donut, and Myrene was to (ironically) wish she had that donut. Photo snapped.

And, of course, I got Zach's autograph. And the day's never always complete without someone's sweat dripping on my notebook. His was the lucky drop that did the job.

So we'll go back to the beginning. In a fit of a mix of hyperactivity and anxiousness that made me all-too-smug to celebrities I'm supposed to be intimidated at, I thanked Myrene for the donuts, and I thanked Aia for the hug - well, technically, for accepting the hug. We took off to buy myself a new batch of notebooks, then lunch, then some research.

By forty-five past three, we were to board the bus, and realized that within less than a hour, the sunny skies have darkened and it began to rain. For some particular reason it striked me - the fact that I wished it wouldn't rain, the fact that Marcia might take long to send me the photos, and the fact that the day ended with a bittersweet ring to it. I know, maybe for a while when I decided to wrap my arms around an unsuspecting celebrity, I was trying to keep myself afloat.

For a while, I thought, maybe the story would end earlier than expected, after all. Or maybe get much longer.

And your responses...

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