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Only because I might not get to post anything here tomorrow - in which case I've missed my target by a single entry - I'm posting what I'm supposed to post tomorrow tonight. If, however, I get to post tomorrow, then that just ruins the momentum, but who cares?

I actually have a few things to say to the people who'd be affecting my life for the next few months or so. Not that they haven't been doing that since the day I stepped into the DLSU campus, but with the things people have been saying about our majors program - the classes, the teachers, the demands, the occasional but absolutely normal fallouts - I better do stuff right now. So, on goes with us being slaughtered and turned into "fresh meat", as someone put it during course card day, being sold in your neighborhood supermarket.

We still have one last weekend. And maybe I should stop painting such a bleak picture of things to come. Although we couldn't do anything about those already there (possibly) unintentionally painting such a dark picture of our major subjects - the very reason why passing by the offices of the Department of Communication gives me the jitters - it must be put to mind that everything would remain positive as long as we do. Take this point - we've been through different version of what we've always loved to call hell week. Now, take that week of yours and put it through one of those really expensive microscopes...

Not to mention that, for the few of us (and I know you're reading - or maybe not, since you're probably enjoying the rest of your days as a GE-only student), we also have other duties in other areas. Of course, we've taken deeply into heart Miss Bam's recommendation during that once-a-week orientation extension class that we must join extra-curricular activities as much as possible. Heck, some took in more than one, and are seemingly doing a perfect job of juggling the tasks perfectly. Or, they just have a wonderful case of holding their poise still. Well, at least we'd stay together for a few bits each and every time we decide to collapse.

And we shouldn't think that things are going to go easy, either - it's just the initial weeks. Change that - initial week. Heck, we must expect a quiz on the second print meeting. We must expect a quiz in every meeting for film and broadcasting classes. I couldn't speak for those taking photography, but for us doing research - and thus taking a deeper plunge, or buying a much more expensive microscope - let's expect more. Much more.

So goes my first case of the jitters, simply because thirty-six out of the forty people in my research class - those who were lucky enough to take Miss Averion instead of Miss Diaz - are LIA-COM students. As much as I would love to pick out a few people that I know from there - basically everybody from the batch assembly that are in the same course as I am, save Yas, Lau, Huey, Jason and Jaja - it's still thirty-six people at the least, and I'm never sure if I might be partners with anybody (unless we're all asked not to, which makes it even worse). And, my contacts wouldn't work, unless the two times Sars said "I miss you" to me would matter. Like it really would.

And I don't know whether I'm really lucky enough to not get a few people initially. No classes under Sir Groyon, although I'm bound to get him at some time - and no classes under Miss Diaz, which means I might not meet her again unless I really have to (or unless the two research teachers decide to swap classes) - and yet some like Kim decided to get her because of what she could offer. So, although I can hang on to a satisfactory GPA for this term - and that would be too high an expectation still - I don't know what I'm getting in return. Send me some more shivers, then.

And would we really not get much sleep? I just spotted another pimple in my forehead. Of course I'm not happy. I shouldn't be really spending late nights up.

Then again we'll all get through this - this term, at least. But when did I ever not have a bleak outlook in life?

Kim said before we split up our walk to the South Gate during course card day - gosh, I forget to drop by! - the very inevitable fact that we'll all be together, and that our lives would circulate around the second floor of the Miguel building, if not the world. Okay, so the second bit is inferred, but still, right? I must be apologizing for making the biggest fuss about the split-ups, and even more, about your mere presence. Then again, I'll forget a few people on the next few paragraphs.

To the onlookers - I'm weirdly referring to Sara, Jill, Malia and Lau - you'll find them someday, and more than what you wished for. Or, maybe an equivalent. I'm not really sure, though. I can't just help but presume.

Nico and Cor, I'm still willing to be the unwitting bridge between the two of you, but I might not show up as frequently as I did last term. Yesterday was funny though. I never received any "I love you" messages from a girl before - and don't worry, everybody, for Cor sent that to Nico, not to Niko.

Jenn, I just don't like seeing depressed people. And I hate disconnections. Just felt like saying that, don't worry.

John, I'm not joking, but I wish I wasn't to leave either. Don't worry, I'm staying until they ask me to go. And that goes to everybody else - if you're any concerned, that is. Oh, and Ariane's link has disappeared in your blog, for some reason.

Ranice, you must show up! I just happen to miss you so much but not have a way to say that. At least you're close to ditching that job of yours - am I right? Then we'd take photos together and (hopefully) laugh at the way we look. If only people don't think we're actually together (one of my friends happen to) the way you believed I seriously believed about you and Jason.

Mon, I'm just sending out the usual miss-yous and tight hugs that I'm not really supposed to give. And yes, I know I'm too close for comfort sometimes, which is why that last line showed up. Just felt like saying that, again.

Clarence, where have you been? I don't really know, but thinking of you sometimes makes me depressed for some reason. We haven't been talking. You haven't got credit? I must've sent you some. Are you still willing to talk? I am here, but I don't really know if you are still there.

Kizia? Just wanted to send a hello out. If you'd get it, that is.

And Sars? First, don't forget the three CDs so that I could burn you the Dicta License, Sandwich and Pupil CDs, unless you already have them. And second - and most importantly, weirdly - don't forget to put those two fingers of yours on your head on Monday morning. My orange top with your orange slippers wasn't good enough. When will we have color-coordinated outfits again? I would have loved it all over again.

Then again, the thing I fear most might happen when I finally tell everything to you guys, probably because of the time constraints or the priorities. I don't want to get a huge return to addressee sign stamped on my forehead, especially on the pimple. It's huge, I tell you. It's too early for it to...

...okay, I guess everybody gets it. Enough with the details.

And your responses...


I miss you so much. I will hug you when I see you.

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