This could be our last time together

Hell no.

I just saved myself from Jakarta. We almost moved there. My prayers were answered; the offer was pulled back, and I couldn't thank the fickle-minded boss enough.

But Colombo. Now it seems we're all too sure we're moving. Just when I fought for majors, for sanity, for friendship, I'm gonna have to start anew again.

And, although everything's "still unconfirmed" - what a lie, for it seems it already is, and don't make me look damn stupid - I don't want to. Of course, who does?

I'm asked to look for schools. To be honest, I don't want to look for schools. I can't pretend it's all for the better. I don't think my siblings would agree if they hear about this as well. Then again, Filipino culture holds that we always - damn always - have to follow our parents because, apparently, family comes first. Can't I just leave myself behind and push with my studies, finish, get through a bit harder, and then survive?

Nobody understands anyway. Especially the people who have to understand. We may all be selfish, but this time, theirs just reeks.

The worst case scenario is, we all leave by the end of this year. So fast, right? I wish it doesn't happen.

Then again, we always couldn't do anything about it. Damn those interests.

And your responses...

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