When in doubt, hug everyone

I slept last night - later, of course - after wishing too fervently for what's been always wished to happen.

I woke up, went up the bus jittery, and saw minutes later another one of those reactions to Ariane's layout. And, I'll admit, I had quite a laugh.

It was Kizia. "Why don't you try joining GMG[?]" she said. "Magaling ka sa Photoshop eh! Hahaha! Join GMG!"

Funnily enough, I wasn't using Photoshop, although I have a copy of it at home. I instead used Fireworks, from the same people behind the former (well, they bought what used to be Macromedia). I used it on Clarence's layout, though, and it got quite messed up I did it all over again. So much for realizing very later on the difference between CMYK and RGB modes.

I tagged back anyway. "And one last," I said. It was my third straight tag. Ale was beside me, and behind her was Jino, staging an ever-so-spectacular comeback. "Kizia? I didn't use Photoshop." Always the serious line.

Of course, we're officially communication students! And in between a lack of excitement and an anxiousness as to who we are classmates with, we've gotten through pretty well. In my case, I'm pretty much stuck with the BonoSoc for the term, which isn't a bad thing, really. Well, we enrolled together (and that fuss, I know).

Print class didn't start so well, not because of anything negative between the students and Sir Mariano, but because technology got in the way. The projector won't switch on, and then the remote won't seem to cooperate. But initially Sir Mariano was fun, injecting stories as examples (but not yet anything about the DLSU-ADMU rivalries as claimed). That, despite the fact that online services on campus still won't work, and later, when John and I decided to get the readings immediately, we realized that, despite having paid our tuition fees already, our IDs weren't validated yet. So, obviously, we were asked for our official receipts, but thankfully the library guy let us through.

At least we aren't flooded like Issa was. Errr, ooops.

Seems scary, though. However, I think that oral history from Philippine journalists we have to do is per group. Of course, not everybody has a video camera - when I saw that I almost fainted, really!

Rewind to last night, again. "I hope we do too," Sars said. "I have a color in mind."

I should've believed that exerting too much pressure in trying to match outfits, especially with someone who don't have an idea of what the outfit would be - of course, my only idea was the curls - wouldn't work. I wore orange, not following my intuition. I should've worn white. Anyway, we missed each other too much - when I went up to the Miguel lobby while pulling the we-don't-match-again argument, Mon was greeting me as well.

So, with me confused as to who to hug first, a three-way hug. Then again, I was the only one wearing something bright.

Filipino 3 class got a makeover, with a new syllabus, really different from the old one. As far as I know, Icka still got the creative writing thing going, while we got the culture-language link thing going as well. Jason's a classmate, as well as Jenn, Cam, and Karla. In fact, even Zay and Anna were there. I think I counted eight familiar faces. Our teacher there, Sir Correa - I don't have an impression this early, weirdly. I could be wrong in thinking he isn't the fun one. He sounds pretty strict, but actually defies that stereotype quickly.

Dismissed early, I ended up going with Jason (since we're classmates in film class anyway) to, well, wherever he went. Dragging Ranice along, actually anywhere - from her classroom to the bank, until I ended up pulling out of lunch because Jason finished his checking while Ranice waited for me to finish.

Then again, the two of us - Ranice, of course, since Jason was busy - got to talk a bit. Especially after she got her job, we somehow never got to catch up - so much for the momentum, right? - and then we talked about where we left ourselves, like the secrets I floated, or the stories I told. Sounds one-sided, but it wasn't. Trust me.

Then we ended up having pasta, making the already-lunched girl drool before she left.

Film class, surprisingly, wasn't spectacular. Despite the fact that a lot of people were already in front of M208 when we arrived - and there was Icka desperately looking for a classmate, until Jill and Les showed up - Sir del Mundo wasn't there, so it was Sir Lim (actually Ale's Literature 1 teacher, the one responsible for dubbing her and Carlo as "best love team" last term) who deputized. We ended up watching some really old LumiƩre shorts and getting dismissed halfway through.

And so, I went home a bit dizzy after trying to figure out what the old black and white clips, faded by age but still watchable - they were restored, actually - and still funny - the block's Sars (as opposed to the batch's Sars, if you get me) liked the pig becoming cold cuts by the turn of a wheel. Those were shot in 1895, mind you. And taking down notes is becoming my specialty again.

Then again, tomorrow comes, where I get a five-hour break and a lot more reasons to swoon. The only people who'll understand, though, are Issa, Ranice and (a busy unpacking) Katia. Look it up and you'll understand.

I should stop talking. Nobody's reading anyway, right?

And your responses...

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