Days won't get you far when you're gone

So Caresse had free lunch yesterday, and the regret again, that I didn't bring the camera despite us obviously having a feast, with that big platter of California maki and that bigger platter of pancit. On one side of the Yuchengco lobby, there were preschoolers being entertained. The disicpline officers were parading, but we didn't notice (or even care). And then there was that band - apparently, Wickermoss had a complete set - playing at the Sports Plaza.

The most surprising outcome? I went home with a new phone.

So there was the band, and there was this fastest-texter-with-predictive-input-turned-on contest. Out of a whim - and out of impulse - I decided to join. Somebody from the event told me about it minutes before, as I shuttled around SJ Walk waiting for photocopies to finish, and after I gave the copies to Jaja, I was back watching Wickermoss with Jana and Ariane. Again, out of a whim, we decided to submit our names, then hope sunk - anyway, it was just a chance - when we realized there was this "magic fishbowl with no fish in it" full of names.

So I stayed behind and decided to see if I'll even be picked. Not bad, I thought, if I do - I'll immediately win my sister some prepaid credit. My hopes weren't as high, either - until K-Lite 1035's Carl picked my name. I was in the first round.

Even weirder, I thought I lost - I submitted my entry in second and later realized that I missed a space bar. The one previous me gave up, complaining that he can't make the quotation marks appear on the Samsung phone he got assigned to. (I got a Nokia phone, out of luck.) Turns out everybody made a mistake, so the organizers decided to declare me the winner. I was in the finals. Oh the pressure!

Fast forward to the finals, and everything was moved to the T9 booth at the Central Plaza. Up against me was an ECE senior, whose advantage was that he knew about the contest and claimed to have practiced the night before. And what we got was this really long text - think of three lines - that was a combination of English and Filipino. Even more pressure? Definitely - in the first round I missed a space because my hands were trembling terribly. When I was texting in the last thing I had to write, my hands were shaking even more, and I knew I missed another space bar - and kept on missing - and missed, and missed, and missed some more.

I was still in first. I double-checked just for sure, and gave it with trembling hands.

And I won. I won, in fact, the new, apparently-not-yet-released-in-the-market Nokia 6233 (although Katia was quick to say that her mom had it two weeks ago), a complete turnaround from my flashlight-equipped Nokia 1110. What I lost though - my messages, or at least most of them, but not the nostalgic ones. I got a bit sad, but a bit perked up, even.

I went to telling Jana and Ariane about it - the traditional way. The former was to respond, and she joked that I give it to her instead.

Now that phone - I can't smear it - but I'm happy, still. Think about this - two megapixel camera, 3G support (practically useless in my case), media player, and again a full-color, high-resolution screen that I last had with, well, that phone that got stolen.

I went home and began fiddling with it - I was too happy, I guess. I brought it to school today and it got drained before I could even make a decent use out of it. All I can do is show what it looks like, and not the wallpaper I made out of it. Well, at least I'll finally get those photos from Marcia, after weeks of begging that she buy a cable for her mobile. Take note - transfer by Bluetooth.

Have I become too smug? I should be reminded by that lyric that's stuck in my head since I sent Issa that track, to no avail.

Days won't get you far when you're gone.

And your responses...

hi niko this is zay! (duh)

you won. awww. inggit ako! seryoso. you're so lucky. it's meant to happen. hahahaha.

Anonymous Anonymous10/19/2006     

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