Happy and something else

If this doesn't get to you early, Blogger went down for another time. Funny way to ask all of us to switch to their beta version and possibly lose this layout. Let me say, then, that this was written on a rainy Sunday night.

Funnier even that I keep on forgetting about that poster Jaja is asking me to do. Even worse all the work leaves me graphically uninspired. I think the only color I decided to splash on myself are hues of red and pink, if it does look like pink.

Yet again I miss people. But it isn't in any disturbing, potentially chaotic way - I don't know. It's just different, with the rain falling outside, a potential class suspension tomorrow morning (which means I get an extra day to do everything, unwarranted or otherwise), the people you meet (like Alyssa, who is connected to Issa and is another one of those people I meet online who loves Muse and does photography, but studies in DLSU like most of us), and the people you don't see. Is it with the people who don't respond even if they promise to? Is it with the things you end up doing, or even cramming?

Stuck in transitions, we are. And lost for inspiration, definitely.

I'm talking to Ranice again. And if it's starting to look like I really have a crush on her because of all these constant drops of her name, then you're wrong. Again, I don't know - it's something with personalities and the fact that we've been talking, but not talking. Like, every time she's there, she really isn't. Probably asleep or something. And right now our conversation is taking far too many water breaks, like the rain outside.

The drizzle just stopped. Maybe the rain's coming on stronger tomorrow. That provides me a reason to bring a jacket, and a delay in treating Les to ice cream, which was in itself very sudden.

Then I feel the heat coming into the room.

And Ranice doesn't know of the typhoon. Well, I wouldn't know if not for the weekend and the television program we had to watch for class. I'll give it to her - we've all been disconnected recently, thanks to whatever it is that decided to rear its head on us and bring us to harsher realities. Somehow, though, I feel too different; it's like something good is coming, but wouldn't. Probably something like the suspension, or the poster, or the potential meet-ups that wouldn't seem to happen.

Or maybe I just had enough sleep recently. My left shoulder still hurts, though, and my body is starting to grow stuff, but nonetheless I'll give it to stress and happiness.

Oh, and something else, only I'm not still sure what it is.

And your responses...

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