Smiling sweet baby

Or geekspeak. It's your call.

Wednesday's been mundane - pointless, if you should say. If not for the make-up class Miss Averion called, I would've decided not to go to school. Then again I had to talk to Jason about our Filipino 3 report, so it would have been like last week, where the only thing I did was meet Derek and Christina on our report on Buster Keaton. Then again, I called Jason up, worried that he forgot our appointment, until he told me that he had just woken up - at our supposed meeting time. So, meeting gets called off, and I ended up seeing Cam and telling her to go online tonight - yes, we've got the phone line up, finally - but so far, nobody's here but Karla.

My life today revolved around three places: SJ Walk, Z2, and the Yuchengco stairs.

I called Jason up with most of the BonoSoc for company, trying to read the handout we were supposed to discuss while Jana smiles at the prospect of a boyfriend.

I had lunch at Z2, where Jaja introduced us to that song that was played during their Wednesday broadcasting class last week. And what's funnier is the way Jaja sang it: it's what she described as "30s novelty", and the song went on funnily until it came out. Smiling sweet baby. Of course, we were laughing loud.

I wrote stuff at the Yuchengco stairs - I'd rather not explain the pep rally all over again, though. Instead I'd lead you here.

Wednesday indeed is becoming hump day. What makes it worse, nothing productive happens. If I only got the same class that Jaja did I would have had a balanced schedule and made my life more sensible, but no. Instead I tried to find means to have fun while saving money. I've been losing money recently, for some unknown reason.

Maybe there goes another mundane detail - finally, for instance, my outfit and Sars' matched. Well, at least for the first half of the day, until she settled for white. That also means she's finally paid that seventy bucks, but that's because I keep on forgetting about it. Then again, I treated Ale to fries afterwards, so I look at my wallet and realize it hasn't changed much.

So much for the "feeling of emptiness" someone decided to write down during a Literature 2 seatwork. At least, though, I'm not hug-deprived anymore.

Now I might proceed to what Mon calls a "learning how to smile session", so that I can make justice to my entry's title. Will I ever learn, though?

And your responses...

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