And then there were three

I actually feel sick, and I can't believe it. I don't really know - I went home with Ariane from Shangri-la Plaza, watching this Dutch film Simon, and I caught the cold. And now I have a cough, or so it seems. But I think it's just all the stress, both at school and... at school still.

Take a look at my mobile's calendar. On my to-do list, two interviews to set, and stuff to buy with my own money, initially. (I still can't figure out where to get the base for those mini Christmas trees I intend the kids at Hospicio de San Jose to do.) On my calendar, for the next seven days, I have a report, two meetings, a rehearsal, a poetry recital, a requirement, and two birthday greetings. It seems all I see now is a bold-faced number. Not the best time to not go to school, right?

At least I still got to enroll, but from a far-flung computer somewhere in Bulacan. Well, it's closer to Clarence's hometown than you think, anyway, and it costs P15 per hour for a DSL connection, which is a really great deal. Then again, I forgot to call Anima up to set that interview, or even read bits from my handouts for tomorrow's quiz. (If you just want to know, it isn't in my calendar.) To be quite honest about it, this is probably the first time I wanted to say "can this go on faster, and satisfactorily at that?" - then again, we'll have to work for this entire thing.

I just saw the website for print production class (predictably, of course) - that class, people wanted it just to escape Sir Groyon for another time, and the department had to intervene (and two of the four elected officers from the batch sent us the same message, saying those taking photography have no choice but to take video production, or they'll get moved there). Tuesday night, and Monday afternoon's class was well full, but I checked today and it's as if nothing happened. Well, we got moved a day, and all my plans got ripped apart, but it's better than not getting an autograph from Igi and Fran, or watching a cut set from Hilera, or seeing a small part of DLSU on fire. Then again, seeing the words field work together makes me hyperventilate, not because I can't do it, but because my parents will start to doubt whether I'm actually doing things. They already hate me for coming home late, what else could go wrong?

Colds, cough, and a possible slight fever. And, a really late night tomorrow, as I meet with Rainy (and a lot others), probably after our report on Mel and Joey. Now's the time I bring my jacket - it's turning holiday cold, and I just felt it now. I'm still staying up, doing nothing, cramming a long test, dismissing the facts, thinking of what to do, and technically slumping on the floor thinking why Issa hasn't shown up lately. That could be insignificant, but we're counting numbers here. I'm not idle but I'm going around as if I was.

It's just weird. Plain weird. Nevertheless I know I have felt this a long time ago. I could dismiss this as coincidence working a repeat. Think of me almost missing a train, drumming up a homosexual character in my head instantaneously, blurting out secrets to the first two girls mentioned, getting reprimanded for sitting on the floor, practicing idiolects, taking photos, thinking of whatnot, sending messages that wouldn't go anywhere...

And then there were three. Somehow I knew it, but somehow I didn't, and four days after everything, I literally feel sick, I want someone to talk to, and I fear this will last for so long. I better text Issa now before it's too late. After all, I'm feeling a bit hyperactive, and snuffly.

Something's gone missing, all of a sudden, all over again.

And your responses...

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