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If it was a good way to start my day, I woke up at a little before nine, realizing nobody was waking me up. Yeah, if I did have a class it was at around 11.40, but today was a free cut, so I technically don't have any. Still anybody would understand that I somehow have to be in school despite that - first for the research, second for the meetings with the batch assembly, and third for the hope of catching a bit of whatever's going on in today's U-Break. And yet, I wake up realizing I'm alone in the house, which means I go to school all by myself.

And yet I did arrive in school, with two hours spared. Those two hours, I used to squeeze in unsuccessful research, loitering at the photography laboratory, walking around with Jaja looking for Missy (to no avail), and getting for myself, for some particular reasons, two committees to head, one each for two Student Council projects, one being university-wide.

So I guess my trip was fruitful in a way, although I went home with the Internet connections down and the feeling that you've dumped way too much money on something you don't really need. And, again, I left a pen with Sars, and that despite reminding her not to lose it.

Well, I lost the retractable pen the first time because I was distracted between the chocolates Jaja had, the dark skies outside, and the (surprisingly mere) fact that I gave the pen to Sars and forgot about it. This time, I was distracted between the committees, the volunteers for A Day with the Kids (which happens in a little over two weeks), and the rain outside.

It's been raining badly the past couple of days. I mean, I go to school and it's perfectly sunny outside, and when you reach the campus you suddenly get the hint that it's going to rain, and rain terribly at that. You get a warning signal, but you don't really have the chance to prepare - but of course, you're stuck in the campus! The next thing I hear, Callalily never got to perform, but nevertheless Jana got more photos with Kean, the band's vocalist, who claimed to be the shy type but still gamely posed with Joy, Kaymee and Dhi. I was wearing my hushies, and I told Andi that. She pointed to her feet, and apparently she was wearing slippers.

For a handful of minutes I shut everybody else out and was rubbing elbows with Mo Twister, Mojo Jojo and Andi 9. You know, those guys from Magic 89.9's breakfast show? I guess after the phone call during summer vacation, I figured this was the next best thing. At least, I thought, I had something to fill up that still-unfinished wallpaper I am working on. So what if I didn't have autographs? First of all, I left that pen with Sars, and Jaja wasn't replying, and maybe we'd all laugh at my inattentiveness tomorrow. Second, I immediately flipped out my mobile and sort of, well, did this interview before I had them take photos of me and them (if that didn't sound any confusing).

If it's another thing to point out, it was exactly a year ago when Joey and Miles (who used to head the breakfast show) went here, and I did a little bit of the same, only I didn't have a camera phone, nor the guts to ask for an autograph. (If there's anything with statistics I wouldn't even bother.) Anyway, I got to talk with them, weirdly backed up with a little bit of research, all done while I grudginly woke up, rushed to prepare and rode the jeepney to ironic "no crossing" signs on pedestrian lanes. And, of course, a lot would happen to these things in the end, if I get around to writing that huge blog entry I promised them again.

Mo remembers me, though, Yes, I was the guy who recorded the phone call (out of a whim), who blogged about them, and who didn't call for the best-bits-of-the-show quiz, which he thought I did. When Mojo had my phone as I took my duet material with Mo, he lamented about his height. Out of weird courtesy - learned with taking photos with girls, an unusual number of which I have accumulated - I bent down so I'd look smaller at least.

Me and Mo Twister as taken by Mojo Jojo. he had the time to blame his height when we did that gesture, so I bent down and got stretched in the process.

Forgive the size, for that's how Mojo did it, although I have different sizes for the other two "girls", as Mo kept on referring to Mojo and Andi.

Me and Mojo Jojo as taken by Andi 9. This was a retake, although I was perfectly happy with the first one. I did lament about my smiling, though, and when I proceeded to Mo he gestured for this retake, and here it went.

Me and Andi 9 as taken by Mo Twister. After I struggled with smiling for the nth time, I look at this and was surprised. ''Why do I smile so good with girls?'' I asked. ''It seems you have found your angle,'' Andi replied.

And so I pretend I wasn't really excited, although I actually was. And, yeah, they're still celebrities in a way. Or, to be more specific, they're really celebrities now. You're quick to bash, then?

They're still specific distractions, though. Before all the photos came out, I realized for myself that I'm losing another pinkspark. Or maybe I was hungry, but I'm not really, really sure. I did have lunch twenty minutes after the photos were taken, and by then I was already shaken by the celebrity I decided to brush with.

Then I lost the ballpen. I'll have to buy another one, unless Sars remembered that I lost it again. Shall we laugh at inattentiveness?

And your responses...

civilizations have been made because of inattentiveness..

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