Normally felt on the first of November

What? We have classes tomorrow?

Oh, but it's all part of inevitable facts of Lasallian life. As Sir Marasigan once said - and I can't remember the exact wording, or whether what I'm saying it faithful to what he told us - there is no such thing as a vacation in DLSU per se. the most we all get is a month for summer. Today's "vacation" is a day long, or you can give it more hours depending on when your next class tomorrow starts, and obviously it isn't enough to get things done.

Isn't it that in a vacation you're supposed to get yourself doing worthwhile things? At least that's what the textbook definition says. Well, aside from sleeping thrice this afternoon and reread Chronicles of a Death Foretold, I'm seated in this computer, just finished typing in the paper for the book I just read - basically, crammed the thing, despite vowing to read the book on the weekend and think about it on Monday. And, after both Kaymee and Kizia did their asking (and again I think I wasn't of much help), it seems nothing much good has been done.

And I still haven't had a haircut. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, at the neighborhood barber shop slash pirated DVD rental store.

At the moment we all suddenly have a lot of things in common, and then you'll realize we've all done things at the same time, or at least are related in some sort of way. I can't help but sometimes feel too nosy, especially with still-new-and-very-much-far-away-due-to-circumstance online friend Alyssa (who turns out to be a frosh) after mentioning too many details in one of my Which Baby entries, when the only connection we possibly have is that she was in the same room as Kizia during this year's LTTS. (And, indeed, we chanced upon each other, if you should say that, because I commented on one of Issa's entries saying that Kizia looked a lot like Lily Allen.) And then we're talking about Sir Gojocco, all of a sudden.

And now that I've finished printing that paper, I guess my purpose in front of this computer is over, right?

I can't sleep, though. And, my parents still want me to sleep early despite realizing that I've slept thrice today, and possibly couldn't possibly sleep because of all of the rest I already have. Like I really need to rest, but then again, I have a dinner, a debut, a poetry festival, a lot of free cuts, and a couple of shows to watch in the next two weeks.

What vacation are you talking about? We're all delaying our progress here.

And your responses...

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