Yellow means wait

There's been one thing Ranice has kept on telling me in what already seems to be sporadic communication.


My fingers aren't enough to count the number of times she's told me that. And, even if I'm not asking for time, that's what she says. That word is one of my current buzzwords, aside from Karla's ha-ha and my pores pronounced Bea Alonzo-style.

Somehow, though, she invited me to her work, at the Picture This branch at the Shangri-la Plaza. And only Ariane knows I've been asking her if she knows where it is, without realizing that she hasn't been there for the longest time either. By the time we went home, all hope was lost, and I decided that it's too late for me to stay in Ortigas. I actually got home at around ten, if I remember correctly. And, I was already sick.

For once, though, upon reading her tag, I realized it was my turn to throw a hypothetical wait at her. And I'm not sure whether she was really waiting for me, or whether she just remembered what we talked about the morning before the trip, but when I thought about it further I realized that when I took the chance to say wait, I was carrying a burden all along.

I wonder if she felt it whenever she was saying that word? Sorry almost always came next.

We've all been asking people to wait at one time. I, for one, have pulled the stops on the portfolio, the interview, the biography and the plan. I haven't sent that needless email. I haven't thought of how to print it out. I haven't readied myself for a late night, even. And yet I demand to be given other people's time, just as I start to take them for granted as well.

So, I haven't said all that I've wanted to say, choosing instead to listen to the radio and get jealous at someone's actual location. But Ranice, she's probably faring much better than I am.

I better start to speak up, or else I blow this thing again.

And your responses...

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