Blank expressions and blank slates

And I don't know who Sara and Jill were waving at, but somehow the jacket got in the way, and all you see is Jill. Oh, and Malia, and Lau, and Ale, and Jino. Oh, and Sara's jacket.

Surprisingly, I haven't got much to say. Even about yesterday. Even if I somehow realize I am (still) hanging in the balance that is the dean's list. Even if I impulsively decided not to take public transport for most of my trip home, and instead, go with Kim and talk about everything while snaking through Manila traffic. Is that how relieved we have all become?

Aside from the 3.5 and the 4.0 I got in Filipino 3 and Literature 2 respectively, my hopes weren't as high. I felt something would go wrong with my research proposal, and thus my grade for that class itself. I felt that I might get a lower-than-expected grade in both subjects I am taking under Sir del Mundo, disregarding the reality that it is under Sir del Mundo. I felt that print class wouldn't do much - although I was more comfortable than my classmates, I was still anxious. So maybe that explains the blank expressions in the morning that I saw in everyone. It is a far cry from the last course card day before this one, where all we probably did was make fun of ourselves while room-hopping.

To make things worse, I had a five-hour break between course cards from Miss Averion and course cards from Sir del Mundo. I had too much idle time, spent this time with the BonoSoc watching Clarence coordinate a production and Toni wear a gown (quite honestly) holding straw bags with numbers like Deal or No Deal. To add more suspense, Sir del Mundo wasn't there at 14.00 sharp, and so was Sir Mariano one floor up. Imagine us walking up and down the stairs. Imagine my reaction when I heard that our grades for broadcasting class are still due tomorrow, as Sir del Mundo got sick and (probably) never got around to checking our papers.

But the suspense was worth it - well, for some of us. There were surprising failures in unsurprising subjects, and then there was Kim shouting out a sigh - irony intended - when she one-upped a passing grade under Miss Diaz and got a remark that their proposal can be developed into a thesis in the future. Oh, if you can see how happy she was while she was cruising along Macapagal Boulevard the moment water started to parachute down the windshield.

As for me, people were anxious as to how I did, partly because they wanted to know whether Miss Averion would grade any differently than Miss Diaz. Well, she did, really - I got a 2.5, while apparently the highest in the other class got a 2.0 - although some still failed. My grade was a notch higher than my expected 2.0 (which I almost got, apparently). I got a 3.0 in print class, which was a common grade among good performers, but we sneaked a peek and saw that Y2K got a 3.5, and so far she's the only one to do so.

The biggest surprise, though, was that I got what Sars (the blockmate, mind you - the batch president was gone in the afternoon, or so I noticed) called a "del Mundo four" in film class. I remember giving Tina that course card by mistake when she was asking for my research course card, and she got infuriated with tongue in cheek. I wonder how Jason did?

So, as far as I'm concerned, I'm still hanging on the dean's list, but obviously with a lower average (which could possibly bring me to the second honors list, but it wouldn't matter all of a sudden). At least I can make my parents (who don't understand the reputations that go with my course) happy for thirteen more weeks, and I can get unlimited (but oft-unavailed) cuts. I'll still have to go back to school tomorrow, just to get my last course card, verify my average and finally get to sleep, but then again, it doesn't seem to matter all of a sudden.

My conversation with Kim on the ride home jumped from blog entries to crushes to ADHD to those parachuting water molecules along the highway. Of course I went out of the car short of breath and short of energy, after all the suspense, the conversation, the shutters pressed, and the buttons used to text Issa when I discovered she was around when I was going home. And the conversations would overlap, indeed, but I was lucky enough to find a bus standing by in front of McDonald's in a quick span of time. It was already dark, and it all seems worth it.

Well, maybe except for the other short conversations, surprisingly tanned classmates, unusual change of color themes and gravy rice. Chow down, Huey, chow down. You'll need it when you finally get in.

And your responses...

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