How do you do your holidays?

...and I'd like to thank you for somehow making such a ripple in my life this year. Drama ba? Hahaha. Merry christmas! Enjoy the holidays hanggang kaya!

Sixty-two people received this message from me some time this morning.

From Karla Peralta: Wahay! Magda ang drama! Merry christmas rin! See you soon!

From Leslie Chew, who somehow claimed to not feel the spirit of the holidays: Yup, medyo drama nga! Merry christmas dear! Enjoy and eat till you can't breathe!

From Mara Navarro, whose number I somehow got from Nadia: Sorry, who are you? Pfffft. One down. I delayed my explanation as to who I am and how I got her number, and got, well, nothing.

From Tracy Gumapas: Aw Henrik. Merry christmas to you too! Hope you have a great holiday. You deserve it so much. That was peppered with smileys, by the way, and of course, a fussy blogger like me can't do anything about it.

From Maui Oreiro: Merry christmas Niko! Tama ba spelling ng name mo? Haha. You're welcome. Thanks din sa lahat!

From Jackie Uy: Same to you Niko! Have a blast!

From Meg Lee: And the best kuya of the year goes to the one who got this message. Happy holidays! She'd eventually send me another group message, claiming that she's sleepy and all.

From Edsel Mendoza: Who's this? Pffft. Not another one. At least, though, he responded when I explained who I was. And, if you're curious, I got his number because of his role in our dramatization of Kuwentong Kutsero. Well, at least. I'll admit, I waited somehow for Mara's response.

From Ariane Astorga: Merry christmas din Henrik! Thanks for everything!

From Sarah Santos: Merry christmas! God bless!

From Lynne Repuya, after Edsel identified me correctly: Merry christmas din! Take care.

From Issa Marcelang: Naks! Merry christmas din. And, of course, a (short) conversation followed that one. Go figure.

From Y2K Villanueva, who got the message much later (and with three smileys instead of four) because I forgot to send her and Yas the message: Thanks Niko! Merry christmas to you and your family too!

From Ana Marfori: Hahaha. You also have a merry christmas, Henrik.

From Naomi Quimpo: Hi, sorry, who's this? Pffft, not again? Turns out she knows two people with my nickname, and her current number is actually her brother's used temporarily. But she knows me - of course she must! After another short conversation she gave away ger greeting.

From Nadia Ong: Hahaha. Have a merry merry christmas Niko! Just a thought - why do people keep on laughing at my supposed emo moment? Oh anyway.

From Kim Malicsi: Merry merry christmas din Niko! God bless!

So what about all of this?

I just thought it'd be interesting to see how people would respond to your holiday greetings. That's seventeen out of sixty-two people as of press time. (Or sixteen, if you subtract Mara from the list.) Well, I wouldn't expect a reply from Cor or Ranice because I don't really know which number to text, nor from Cam because she is currently in Dapitan. Or maybe it's because the skies are flooded this early with similar messages.

But then again, there's a thought about the people you know but don't know you, or were not supposed to know you. Nothing against it - just some weirdly wasted effort. Guts, I mean.

Besides, you got seventeen almost-distinct greetings. That isn't any bad. They're pretty close to handwritten notes, only they're electronic and they're finger-intensive. And my fingers still hurt, if not in anticipation for finger food later. Oh, and gifts and wads of money to place in similarly hungry wallets.

I'll walk away with a slight swoon, and a greeting. Happy holidays, everyone!

And your responses...

nasan na yung reply ko? haha. merry christmas niko.

Blogger Katia12/25/2006     

Vanity is the explanation that brings me to your blog. This is Mara Navarro. And in response,I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to a wandering Christmas greeting. I was not aware that this was some sort of social experiment disguised as Yuletide cheer. But if I did (eventually) find out who you were, I would've replied properly, complete with eggnog and candy canes. But seeing as you've concealed your identity, I took it as a sign of numerical error. And in any case it wasn't me, Googling myself really brought me a lot of fun. Cheers.

Anonymous Anonymous2/21/2007     

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