In pursuit of a collision

I don't know what Incubus song that came from, but it surely comes in handy for so many times. Put your frustration in four-letter words, it says.

And with today being the most senseless day of my life, with me going to school even if I don't have anything to do, and eventually getting nothing out of it except for my money and my energy and my precious time which could have been spent doing my research proposal, or studying for my finals - and I'm doing neither! Then again there was me walking around, getting my feet tired, eating a burrito while seeing familiar people, waiting for people who won't arrive, reading books that don't get you anywhere - and then there was Kizia's ridiculously huge smile today, which I haven't seen in a while - and then there were the same old things I did earlier.

And now, I find myself lost after less than a half hour led me to a flurry of screen captures, keystrokes, photos and that weird sensation you get when you mix stuff together. Oh, and Kevin talking to me about the wonders of Narrator.

Four-letter word? Damn. Another missed opportunity. And to think I didn't know whether I'd take it or not.

And your responses...

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