Saturday afternoons in town

It will get weird if I work backwards.

Before I got here, at the seventh computer in Netopia ATC, I asked myself whether I'd see somebody familiar today. And, true enough, before I made a turn right to make my way to this terminal Sars showed up, in that usual pink top, like she never wore anything other than pink. I guess I was deprived of a friend sighting for three days, now - and that includes Wednesday, when John and I went to the Business Mirror offices to set an appointment with its managing editor Vladimir Bunoan.

I just crossed the road before that - Madrigal is such a wide road, and without any pedestrian lane at that - and I wrapped up my interview. John didn't get lost, luckily, so his brother was seated in another table while the two of us talked to Vladimir about his work - he isn't just managing editor of the newspaper, but also turns out to be senior associate editor for Maxim. And the wind was blowing strong, and I was anxious whether the wind would muffle the audio. Luckily as well, John had the video camera ready.

But before that, there was this hitch - apparently Vladimir was waiting for us at another Starbucks branch, the one within Alabang Town Center. (I thought the mall staff would reprimand our camera. He also thought that too, so it was set across the road. That mentioned, there are a hell lot of Starbucks branches in Manila.) And it's hot outside - surprising since when Reming came in I thought it would be windy and cold at the very least - so crossing the road wasn't any fun.

I already came from the mall, though - that's where I have to go down, obviously. I fell in love with Art Ensemble of the World's take on Everybody's Changing: they've put this bossa nova spin to it, a much-needed calm-down-something while I was browsing stuff at Music One. (It's no longer Tower Records. Have they scrapped the brand? I wonder.)

Which meant I walked to the shuttle - well, went there with a tricycle for most of the ride - by 11.30 today. My parents want me to leave by noon, which is not recommended, considering I'm wearing my usual dark blue shirt, and I'm still a suckler for punctuality, like everybody is. John was on his way to the Starbucks branch beside Franck Provost by 10.30, and by then I haven't taken a bath yet.

Which means, right now, despite the bath, I'm all sweaty because of the heat, which makes me wonder whether I looked all too stressed when I saw Sars walking with her father somewhere beside Kamiseta today. And then, there was Piyar suggesting I listen to Paris Hilton because, taking her cue from my last entry, I'm all too depressed.

Sorry, no photos. The camera was for the mug shot.

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