Doesn't feel like cooperation anymore

Cor had this pretty interesting observation at U-Break today.

Sure, we won't deny that Cynthia Alexander and Noel Cabangon aren't exactly mainstream celebrities, but they do have a following. Judging by the people who came to watch them today - and judging from the people who flocked both artists after their respective performances for photos and autographs - me included, thanks to David - there'd still be a lot of people. But there just wasn't a lot of them - at least those that we knew.

And indeed, it is the case. Not merely because all of us are out and about doing stuff - while billeted at the steps nearing the museum, the others were still doing their "little Lumiére actualités", as Les puts it, and dragging us into starring in them - but probably because, well, this term just feels plainly different. As if it felt like nobody cares anymore whether we are there or not - it just depends on the timing. Everything's timing.

I just realized lately that we have freshmen in our history class. The girl behind the girl to my left is one, and definitely her friends as well - she had this schedule sporting alien course codes that I only figured out when Alyssa started to ask me about them a while back. (If it means the world shrinks further, I think I saw her somewhere, maybe on my sojourns at their teritory to have surveys answered.) Slowly, new blood is finally being infused here, I think. Probably, though, it'd take a longer time to ger used to it.

There are a few things that remain unchanged, though. CLA people still occupy most of SJ Walk, the way COE people would occupy what some call Miguel Walk (or, as Marcia put it, "Miggy Walk"). On the benches, you'd still see familar people, which is why lately I somehow know where to spot Maita, and who she's probably talking to. Half of the CAM majors are still doing their videos and trying hard to drag anyone into doing their scenes. I still get asked about my non-existent phone, or about topics in research class.

But maybe that's what makes things so different right now. At every approach you feel a lack of personality in each request. I mean, even more than ever, the reality that we won't care about each other in the long run, is getting fulfilled. Not that I'm feeling lonely or anything, really, but come to think of it. Cor was right - people didn't show up, or at least there weren't as many as expected, and eventually they'd flock in the middle of U and I. By then, Derek and John were shooting below, and Lau, Jill and Kat were collaborating on theirs.

Eventually, though, if you'd think about it, there's still hope that camaraderie stays.

And your responses...

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