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And if it wouldn't get any weirder, today was the day I had more apparitions than ever before. And today was the day when all those apparitions meant nothing but silence, and everything get ruptured.

Maybe I'm just sleepy again, but let's admit it, I've not been my usual self lately. Well, you'll never notice that simply because you only think that all there is to me is my hyperactive, talkative, touchy self. But despite the photos, the returned calculator, the reserved camera and the restive concepts, I know I'm not myself lately.

I mean, come to think of it. It's probably not the idle time, nor the surprise number of video cameras I've seen today. It's not my lunch, or my snack, or the bus ride home. It's not the questions thrown, or the coincidences, or the far-away seatmates, or community service, or anything.

You can't really force a smile, though.

Steph got it again, while we were walking to our respective classrooms a little before one. And if it's a weird thing, I feel that coincidentially people are unintendedly turning their backs on me. Nothing against it, but it's weird the people who used to be there are, well, not there. And now I'm talking to different people again but they're not exactly in a position to be told about, well, my life story, simply because it's uninteresting.

I didn't believe myself when I told Steph that I "gotta, gotta, gotta get over her".

Now that Liz opened talk about bowling, my train of thought breaks down. Good one, still. I'm not exactly disturbed, but I might as well be. The mere fact that I ended up blogging about this even if I haven't got anything to say means anything, quite definitely.

And your responses...

aw, dont be too 'disturbed'. now you're at it, why dont we bowl? it would take your mind off things. plus, i so suck at bowling, this is a good one-time deal of pleasurable ego masturbation!!! it would lift you up, having a moronic bowling partner. hehe.

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